706 Female Celebrities With Tattoos

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  1. Cara proudly shared the pic of her brand new tattoo on her Instagram this week. We love the grey ink sketching of Nellie – the perfect match for her lion finger tatt, too.

    • Hey, girl, you really have a reply to this site, but I’m sorry that this page doesn’t require Justin Bieber. Just females, please!

  2. You should really update the page. And add new girls like
    The veronicas
    Kat von d
    Jessica harp
    Michelle branch
    Christina Perri

  3. jahan yousaf’s sister (yasmine, also a member of krewella) has tattoos, you should cover hers!

    you should also do:
    lana del rey
    zoe kravitz
    rita ora
    the veronicas

  4. Oh can you post Ashley Tisdale tattoos too because I really want to know her tattoos because that way I can see why they did it :)

  5. OMG yes Lindsay’s TATTOOS PLEASE,

    this may help

    1. star on wrist
    2. “breath” on other wrist
    3. quote on ribs
    4. star on hand
    5. heart on hand
    6. something on the lower right of her back
    7. “shhh” on finger
    8. “7” on back of neck
    9. another tattoo on left hand
    10. another one on the right
    11. marilyn monroe quote on right forearm
    12. marilyn monroe quote on left fore arm

  6. would you be able to post some cher lloyd nail art & all the designs she does, shes beautiful.. thanks if you do would mean alot!

  7. The lights tattos are amazing and super easy to find a picture of and get only lights can pull off so many tattos and look absolutley amazing with them!

  8. I know, it’s random, but, Linda, could you please create a “nails” or “nail polish” page on more hayley site. Please. There are lots of pictures where Hayley has her nails polished. :)
    Hope you understood what I mean. :)

  9. im thinking maybe you should post Hayley Williams tattoos. She has one behind her left ear and its a cloud with lighting and it ssays warped. than on the inside of her right ankle she has a razor with a banner across it saying Shave Me!