Beth Lucas Tattoos

Acoustic artist Beth Lucas from Brisbane, Australia has been adding to her collection of colourful body art consistently over the last six years. What started out as a little rebellious inking has turned into a fully fledged artistic journey and Beth’s not about to stop anytime soon.

Beth has one full sleeve (right arm) that is made up of roses/vines and other traditional inspired pieces, such as a snake, dagger, locket with keys and ribbons, and a small bird cage on the inside.

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Beth has random pieces on her left arm that include a rose and old-school microphone on the inside forearm, a small cassette with a love heart shaped tape reel around it on the outside of her forearm, a small “X” (which she has always sworn as a kiss, not to be confused with claiming straight edge), a lucky Thai number 9, and a gothic cross and rays on the outside tricep area. Her most recent addition is a red unicorn just underneath the cassette.

This large piece on the front of her left thigh was inspired by the Major League song Need I Remind You and states the lyrics “I wish time was on our side…” The thigh piece includes an hourglass, roses and an antique pocket watch.

The ink was done by Brisbane tattooist Tilly Dee, who designed the piece and also created an original painting with the same artwork. (more…)

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