Megan Massacre Tattoos

Megan Massacre got the raven tattoo on her leg as part of the TLC TV show America’s Worst Tattoos. It covers up an unfinished zombie tattoo that she hated. She worked collaboratively with artist Tim Pangburn to come up with the new design.

“I like dark creepy things,” she told TLC. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and ravens remind me of Halloween. So it was a pretty good fit for me. I was very excited about. I love it so much better than the weird creepy alien zombie that used to be on my leg.”

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Megan Massacre had a pink cat tattoo on her right forearm which was redone by artist Tim Kern in November 2013. He transformed it into a blue and purple skeleton/demon cat and gave it a skull-trimmed top hat.

She wrote “Even cover up artists need cover ups sometimes haha. I spent my day at @tribulationtattoo yesterday getting this old pink kitty cat I had tattooed on my forearm yearssss ago revamped by the very awesome @ymonster! Thank you so much Tim!!”

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Megan Massacre and her boyfriend Joe Letz got these matching “11 . 11 . 11” wrist tattoos on November 11, 2011. 11:11 is a special number in numerology and many people like to make a wish when the clock says 11:11.

Joe is best known as the drummer of the band Combichrist and he and Megan have their own DJ duo called Letz Massacre.

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Megan Massacre got her first tattoos when she was 18 years old. She started studying the art of tattooing before she had any tattoos of her own, so she gave herself these tattoos on her leg to practice her skills.

“When I was learning, I actually tattooed some of my leg,” she told KTNV. “These aren’t very good! But this is when I first started tattooing, I had to practice on myself. And if you can imagine this, my leg is up on an armrest and I’m trying to reach down here to tattoo. That’s why it’s not finished…It’s a little difficult because you need two hands to tattoo.”

She hadn’t gotten any tattoos before because she wasn’t sure what she wanted. However her boss pressured her by saying that she needed to have tattoos in order to be a tattoo artist.

The tattoo is a cheetah woman drawn in an anime style. “At the time, when I was 18, I really loved anime and I was really into video games. And I have to say 10 years later, I’m not so sure I love anime anymore.” Instead of finishing the bottom of the tattoo, she has the character coming out of an oil lamp like a genie.

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Megan Massacre got this tattoo on her thumb with her friends in the band Motionless In White. She appeared in their music video for “Creatures” and traveled with them on the 2011 Warped Tour. They all got these tattoos together in August 2011. The letters “W C” stand for “Wing Crew”

She told Metal Hammer “I have this little symbol that actually comes from one of my best friends’ band, Motionless In White. They’re from the same place I’m from, so I’m really good friends with those guys. I tattooed all of them, so at the end of the tour, I got them to tattoo me! It looks like crap because none of them now how to tattoo, but I love it!”

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