Keyshia Cole Tattoos

Keyshia Cole has a large tattoo on her upper left arm of a wooden stake driving into a heart.  It is surrounded by a star-shaped outline.  Most of the tattoo is done in grayscale, but there are drips of blood in red ink.

Though this tattoo may seem gruesome, it symbolizes faith and love.  “On my arm, I have a heart across a star, which symbolizes my religion, and the love I have all the time for everyone around me. The star behind it also symbolizes everything I am,” she told Urban Ink. “Three of [my tattoos] symbolize the faith I have and possess, and try to keep up everyday. I feel strongly and deeply that my faith got me here, that its how I accomplished my dreams. I feel my belief in god gave me the strength to leave Oakland, and to be successful at accomplishing the things Ive accomplished so far. Keeping all of that in mind always gives me strength.”

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