Jillian Rose Reed Tattoos

Jillian Rose Reed has at least 2 known tattoos:

  1. writing on her forearm
  2. writing on her side

Jillian Rose Reed has a cursive tattoo on her left forearm reading “Love you soooo much” – and is a special message for her my grandma.

“I am the woman I am today, and I’m in the place I am today because of my grandmother. She taught me to be resilient, handle things with grace, and always wear enough blush ?I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s no longer with me physically, but I know she’s always in my heart. She was an incredible woman, and I plan to follow in her footsteps. Grandma, I “love you soooo much”, thank you for leaving me with your writing so I can carry you with me forever.” – Jillian wrote in an Instagram post.


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