Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens has at least 2 known tattoos:

  1. butterfly on her neck
  2. om on the side of her hand

Vanessa Hudgens has an tattoo of the om symbol (ॐ) across both of her hands — half on one pinky finger and half on the other. Om is a scared mantra in Hinduism and other Dharmic religions which is said at the beginning of prayer. Vanessa chose this unusual placement so that the tattoo comes together when she puts her hands in a praying or meditating position.

She told Access Hollywood that she got the tattoo “so I can spread positive energy” and that she can “bring it together to center [myself].”

Artist Bang Bang did the tattoo in September 2011. Her friend Ashley Tisdale got her foot tattoo at the same time.

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