Charlotte Crosby Tattoos

Charlotte Crosby has the name “Joshua” tattooed on the back of her neck for her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie. She started the Ex on the Beach star some time around December 2017 and got this tattoo in August 2018, less than a year into the relationship.

She has already laser removed tattoos for two ex-boyfriends so there were lots of critical comments when she showed off the tattoo on her instagram, but she’s got a sense of humor about things and had sassy comebacks for all of the negativity. She joked that she “chose the thin line work thinking ahead” to the inevitable laser removal but also wrote that she’s “got a good feeling about this one” and “I think 3rd times a charm.”

The removed tattoos were a fish for Stephen Bear and an initial “M” with arrows for Mitch Jenkins. “Technicallyyyyyyy this is the first boys name I’ve had on me, that’s just if were beingggggg technicallll here,” she commented.

Her Joshua tattoo was inked by artist Melina Wendlandt at her studio Vaders.Dye in Berlin, Germany using the artist’s own delicate handwriting.


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