Bruna Marquezine Tattoos

Bruna Marquezine has at least 3 known tattoos:

  1. heart on her finger
  2. cross on her side
  3. anchor on her ankle

Bruna Marquezine visited artist Adao Rosa’s shop Nautica Tattoo in July 2013 where her gave her a this new tatto of an anchor on her ankle and also touched up her existing tattoos of a heart on her finger and cross on her side.  She chose an anchor to symbolically hold her down.  “The anchor is the latest, and I got it to remember that I have a safe haven and to keep my feet on the ground forever,” she told R7.  There is a little heart on the top of the anchor as a symbol of her family, who are her safe harbor. (more…)

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Bruna Marquezine’s second tattoo was a simple black cross on her left side, which is a tribute to her Christian faith. “The cross is because I have faith in God. I love it, and I like to look at it and to remember Him and how wonderful He is to me,” she tweeted.  It’s also a reminder of her mother, who taught her to believe in God.  My mother always spoke highly of love and God to me,” she says.  She had the tattoo re-done by artist Adao Rosa at Nautica Tattoo in July 2013 while getting a new tattoo of an anchor on her ankle. (more…)

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Bruna Marquezine’s first tattoo was a heart on her left ring finger knuckle, where a wedding ring would be worn.

Some fans have speculated that it matches her ex-boyfriend and soccer star Neymar’s ring finger tattoo of a crown, which represents how his future wife will be his queen, but Bruna has said that her tattoo is about love in general and not for any specific person.

In an interview with R7, she explained (translated):

I am very moved by love, always was, and it always has been one of the most important things for me. It’s one of the lessons of my family. My mother always spoke highly of love and God to me. So I made a cross and a heart for it.

She has also tweeted about it’s meaning (translated):

The heart is because I’m in love with hearts! Every paper I take I draw a heart! I really love it. And I chose the finger where I will put my wedding ring! Then one day it will be my heart for love of my life. They say this is the only finger that is directly on the heart, so we use the ring on it! Beautiful is not it?! Love this tattoo.


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