Danielle Brooks Tattoos

Danielle Brooks has at least 3 known tattoos:

  1. writing on her ankle
  2. writing on her forearm
  3. writing on her forearm

Danielle Brooks had the word “surrender” inked by tattoo artist Jon Boy on her right forearm.

“I surrender all. All to thee my blessed savior I surrender all.” – the tattooist commented on the Instagram photo of his work.

"Surrender" @daniebb3 #jonboytattoo

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“Amen. First one down. @jonboytattoo (dopest tattoo artist period) I spent a full year on Broadway and every night the last thing we would sing was Amen. Meaning- It is well/ so be it. Color Purple changed my life. This is my reminder to always put God first and to know that whatever life brings you- it is well. ??”

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