Chrisette Michele Tattoos

Chrisette Michele has a portrait of Audrey Hepburn from her iconic role as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She later updated the tattoo to include a baroque-style frame.

Chrisette was so enamored with Audrey that she released a mixtape entitled “Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation” in 2012. She explained “I was in love with her movies and her humanitarian efforts. I was in love with her style, I was in love with her whole entire vibe which really spoke to me. My mom had always sung her songs when I was young. So I just wanted to capture whatever I could of Audrey Hepburn for myself.”

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Chrisette Michele has a pair of lovebirds tattooed on her upper right arm with the words “Hopeful Romantic.”

In a blog post she wrote: “I have the words ‘Hopeful Romantic’ tattooed at the top of my shoulder blades (I don’t talk much about my tats but I have a point). There are two love birds underneath them. Maybe my idea of romance doesn’t always involve a boy. Romance is the life I live. Daring to imagine that everyday is purposed and full of meaning. There’s a great story being told at the end of every road. Everyone has beauty somewhere if you just look for it. I’m a little naïve. It’s true. But I’m in love. All day long. Constantly dreaming. Constantly believing and always experiencing ‘Love Moments’ like this.”

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