Kreayshawn’s Tattoos

“Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn has over 20 tattoos. Many of her tattoos reference cartoons and food – sometimes at the same time, as show by her Mickey Mouse hamburger tattoo. Her left arm is covered in these colorful tattoos. “One arm is all kinda like all youthful tattoos and then maybe when I get older I’ll fill up the other arm with all these other deep meanings,” she says.

The Oakland, CA native, born Natassia Gail Zolot, started getting inked when she was very young. “I got my first tattoo when I was like 15, I got it on my neck and it’s an ice cream cone. After that first one, I got like six other ones in the same year and I never really stopped from there.”

Her tattoos are seemingly random, but commemorate the moment that she had them done. “For me tattoos have kind of formed themselves into like mini therapy sessions,” she says. “Like, you know, you’re having a hard time at a point in your life and you’re like ‘I’m just gonna get a tattoo.'” “My tattoos are stamps. I want to do something that ties them all together, because I get a $120 tattoo at a time. I would be going through a change or something big would happen and I’d get that moment where I’d say, I need a fucking tattoo! Shit is going down, so I need a tattoo! I’m addicted. Last time I counted I had 23 tattoos, so it’s almost like every year of my life has this moment where I get this tattoo. I look at them and can remember how I was feeling at the time. Like, the burger mouse just came from wanting to get a random tattoo. I was at the shop looking at a whole bunch of designs and I got to thinking: What would be the sickest-looking one? And I was like, Fuck it, let’s do it. It’s usually an emotional thing for me, and always super impulse. I have been thinking about more tattoos. I have the money now. There is definitely going to be a tattoo for this new experience—it is going to be large and sick.”

Hand and Wrist Tattoos

Kreayshawn Phone Number Tattoo
Kreayshawn has a telephone dialpad tattooed on her right hand, with 3 digits on each finger. WWD reports that she came up with the idea while she was “super high.” She tells them: “I was like, ‘I bet nobody has ever thought of that.’ There can’t be one person in this world who’s thought of that, so that night I went and got it.”

Kreayshawn Alien Hand Tattoo
Kreayshawn got a tattoo on the back of her right hand in May 2012. It is a sexy alien girl at the beach smoking weed. This is one of Kreayshawn’s more elaborate tattoos and possibly the most bizarre. We know that Kreayshawn loves weed, but why a green alien taking her top off? And why a palm tree? There is certainly a story to it though, as Kreayshawn wrote on twitter “The tattoo is full of meaning if you think carefully.”

Kreayshawn Libra Diamond Tattoo
On Kreayshawn’s left wrist are a pink diamond and the word “Libra.” She was born on September 24, 1989, making Libra her zodiac sign. To date, these are the only tattoos on her left arm.

Kreayshawn Teardrop Finger Tattoos
Kreayshawn has teardrops on both of her index fingers which show when she pretends to wipe tears from her eyes.

Kreayshawn’s Sleeve

Kreayshawn Flying Lips Tattoo
On Kreayshawn’s right shoulder are three flying mouths with bat wings. The tattoo was just an outline when Kreayshawn rose to fame and it stayed uncolored for quite a while, but she eventually had it filled in.

Kreayshawn Flying Lips Tattoo
Kreayshawn had the lips colored red and the bat wings shaded black. In each mouth is one gold tooth.

Kreayshawn Goofy Tattoo
On her upper arm is a cartoon based on the Disney character Goofy, which is in memory of a deceased friend. She says: “Goofy is for my friend ‘Goofy’ who died. His name was Tommy, and I got the Goofy tattoo for him because he always kept it goofy.”

Kreayshawn Don't Panic Tattoo
On the inside of her arm, Kreayshawn had the name of her former best friend “Delila,” but it’s been covered to say “Don’t Panic.”

Kreayshawn Sailor Moon Tattoo
Kreayshawn has Sailor Moon on the outside of her arm. She says: “Sailor Moon means a lot to me, it represents my childhood.”

Kreayshawn Drumstick Tattoo
Above her elbow is a fried chicken drumstick with a bite out of it.

Kreayshawn Mickey Burger Tattoo
Inside her right elbow, Kreayshawn has a hamburger with Mickey Mouse inside. The original illustration is by artist Joshua Agerstrand. She says: “It’s Mickey Mouse in a cheeseburger. I like burgers, I like Disney characters, so why not put ‘em together? Would you eat a burger with a rat inside? I wouldn’t, but it looks good.”

Kreayshawn WGM Tattoo
Kreayshawn had “WGM” tattooed on her elbow for her rap group the White Girl Mob. At the time that she got the tattoo, the White Girl Mob consisted of only Kreayshawn and fellow female rapper V-Nasty.

Kreayshawn My Mind Exploded Tattoo
Kreayshawn has “My Mind Exploded” written along the side of her right forearm.

Kreayshawn Elka Knives Tattoo
Kreayshawn has two knives on her right forearm. Her mother’s name “Elka” is written below her elbow. Elka Zolot was the guitarist of punk band The Trashwomen. She had Kreayshawn at a young age and raised her as a single mother.

Kreayshawn Creamsicle Tattoo
On the inside of her right forearm is an orange creamsicle with a bite out of it. There is a pink banner across it with what appear to be Japanese characters. Next to it are two teeth.

Kreayshawn Daisy Duck Tattoo
Next to the popsicle is Daisy Duck holding a .22 caliber pistol.

Kreayshawn Hello Kitty Tattoo
On Kreayshawn’s right wrist is a Día de los Muertos style sugar skull version of Hello Kitty with a sacred heart on it’s forehead and a diamond in the hair bow.

Torso Tattoos

Kreayshawn Bow Tattoo
On her collarbone is a red bow. Kreayshawn tried to do this tattoo herself, but it was a bit of a disaster. She says: “I did the whole outline for the bow on my chest myself, and it was so fucked up because I was tattooing myself in the mirror. But I got it fixed so it looks a little bit normal.”

 Kreayshawn Oakland Raiders tattoo
Kreayshawn added a tattoo tribute to her hometown football team the Oakland Raiders in November 2011. The tattoo says “RV1DXR5″ in a drippy font.

Kreayshawn Hip Tattoos
Kreayshawn has some writing down her right hip, but all I can make out is “I’m s”. On her left hip is a little cartoon that seems to be a teddy bear (I swear it looks like Pedobear!).

Kreayshawn Cat Tattoo
Kreayshawn is getting a large piece on her left side, but right now she only has the outline done. She says: “I need to complete this big old thing that I’ve got on my side, I’m trying to get it finished because I’ve only got the main outline of it now. It’s a lady holding a cat. I love cats, I just can’t help it!”

Neck Tattoos

Kreayshawn Ice Cream and Mickey Mouse Glove Tattoos
Kreayshawn’s very first tattoo is the ice cream cone on the left side of her neck. She says: “I decided to get my first tattoo while at the tattoo shop when my sister was getting hers. I was like, They are tattooing 15-year-old kids–I’m down! It’s my favorite because it’s so old. It doesn’t look like any of my other tattoos because they are all so bright and vibrant and it’s weathered.” On the opposite side of her neck is a Mickey Mouse glove. She also has writing on the back of her neck, but I can’t decipher what it says.

Sources: WWD, Karmaloop TV, Inked, Buzznet, MTV UK, 106 KMEL

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  1. I am heavily tattoo’d and straightaway I think ‘she’s going to regret it’. These are awful tattoos. Bad ideas, not that well done. Those mouths with the bat wings are a f’ing horror! And not in a good way.

    • i agree.
      while i’m all for fun/impulsive/cute tats, but c’mon. some of these are just ridiculous. the ideas for these, the designs, even the placement of these are just crummy. not all, but quite a few suck lol

      but i do like the Hello Kitty one =)

  2. Krea truely is an interesting and rad artist! Cant wait to see how she performs live on 12/13. Come out to the Roseland Theater around 8:00pm if you can make it! Should be a great show!

  3. I think shes really beautiful, but imo those bat wings on her shoulder look awful coloured in. I liked them just as an outline!

    • here here!, well said. Stop the hate everyone, it doesn’t work, look at the world, the news, the wars, the intolerance. love stuff instead or live and let live

    Is this the crap my son can look forward to going to school with …makes me gag.
    Straight trash.
    Ok… Im high, lets go tattoo a pile of sh*t on my eye lid. Doesnt she have parents?

    • I have loads of tattoos but if my son came home with a woman like this…
      Hate to judge…. but she’s a skank!

  5. Each and every tattoo on her body says the same thing: “I am a self-mutilating moron with no taste or reverence for my body.”

    I don’t like to judge, but when you find something that repulsive and inexplicable, you react. Some of my favorite people (Aimee Mann, Johnny Depp, Lucinda Williams) have tats. I love these people but feel less of a kinship than I once did, and am particularly saddened by the sight of ink on beautiful women. Tell your stories on your hats and t-shirts- not your God-given bodies!

  6. why is she even famous? i have only heard one song from her and it was stupid…….her tats; while done well are just baffling not to mention stupid…..i like cats? so im gonna get a tat of one? ok…you’re so cool….NOT

  7. Trashy. All of them. They have no deep meanings and were just put on her while she was high.

    Sure I’m a “hater” because she doesn’t make music, she regurgitates crap for lyrics.

    • It’s okay. You’re just a person with good taste. yes, her tattoos suck, and they hold no deep meaning. And her music is utter crap. Completely agree with you. :)

  8. yo this jg kidd juss a hater !!!!! KREASHAWN IS WAYY BETTER THAN U N EVERYONE ELSE who wanna b her! ihhf JG DONT LIKE THIS WHY DID U LOOK IT UP?

  9. trashtrashtrash
    none of this is at all creative or artistic, she got the idea from fucking pictures. I do like the hello kitty one though

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