Green Ink Tattoos

Sia Furler

Sia has crudely-drawn dogs tattooed all over her left forearm in all colors of the rainbow. Some were drawn by her best friend Dallas Clayton who is a children’s book illustrator, and others were created by her fans. She began working on her “dogpark sleeve” in April 2011 and asked fans for their help. “Please draw and upload an outline of a dog so that I may tattoo it on my arm. I’m starting a dog park. Probs the shittest will make the cut,” she tweeted. “This whole dog outline for tattoos thing is blowing my mind! can’t wait to get them all!!!” Piece by piece, she been filling in the whole forearm with goofy looking dogs.

Child dancer Maddie Ziegler, who gets Sia’s tattoos drawn on her arms when performing with the singer, told Vulture “pretty much her whole arm is filled with kids’ drawings of dogs. And she really likes dogs and kids and stuff.”

Sia is a huge fan of dogs and has three of her own: Lick-Lick (or Licky), Pantera, and Cereal. She is also a vegan and an animal rights activist. She has partnered with several organizations, including ASPCA and PETA, and worked with local rescues to set up dog adoption fairs at her concerts.


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