Anime Tattoos

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande got her biggest tattoo yet in August 2018. She shared a picture on her instagram stories of what appears to be her arm with a wrapped-up tattoo of the character Chihiro from the movie Spirited Away. She also shared an excerpt from Chihiro’s character description, which explains why she is a source of inspiration:

Chihiro’s growth into a capable individual is a core factor to the movement of Spirited Away‘s plot. During her adventure in the Spirit World, she matures from an easily-scared girl with a child-like personality to match her age to a hard-working, responsible, and brave young girl who has learned to put her fears aside for those she cares for. To protect her friends and rescue her parents from a spell that has turned them into livestock, Chihiro sheds her former personality and adapts to her environment to become a courageous, quick-witted and reliable girl.