Hands Tattoos

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann got a large tattoo the back of her left upper arm from artist Romeo Lacoste in February 2018. She was inspired by Tim Burton’s classic 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas and chose this image of the character Sally’s stitched-up hands holding a thistle flower.  She told Sidewalk Talk:

It’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s Sally holding the flower when she’s picking off the petals and Jack comes in singing to her….It’s my childhood favorite movie, so I had to get it tatted on me.


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Ash Costello

Ash Costello has a tattoo on her right forearm of two hands holding a heart and crown. The design comes from traditional Irish Claddagh rings. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. Claddagh rings have historically been used as engagement and wedding rings, and Ash got the tattoo shortly after her March 2018 engagement to Jimmy Trigger.

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