Wings Tattoos

Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels celebrated the holidays with family in a unique way — she and her father got matching tattoos on December 28, 2017. They chose the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter series inked in vibrant color. Julia’s tattoo is on her upper right arm and her dad’s is on the inside of his forearm.

Her father has come a long way with his attitude about tattoos since Julia started getting inked at age 18. Back then he was apprehensive about Julia getting tattoos and definitely didn’t want any for himself. But seeing Julia’s thoughtful works of art has made him change his mind. She told Universal Music:

The first tattoo that I ever got was this microphone when I was 18. My dad used to be very conservative. And when I told him I wanted to get a tattoo he [said] “I don’t know how I feel about that” but I [said] “you should come with me.” And when he came with me, he was so in love with the process that he now wants to get one with me.


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