Tooth Tattoos

Hayley Williams

This zig-zag line on Hayley Williams’ left wrist resembles two teeth with a gap in the middle. She got the tattoo in May 2017 to celebrate the release of Paramore’s album After Laughter.

Hayley’s gap-toothed smile became a symbol of the band during the After Laughter album cycle because their single “Fake Happy” features the lines “If I smile with my teeth / Bet you believe me /If I smile with my teeth / I think I believe me.” The song is about Hayley trying to appear happy despite her inner turmoil.

She took a particular liking to one fan’s cartoon-style drawing of the band where she appears to be faking a smile. She started spamming her instagram profile in March 2017 with various croppings of the drawing showing just her face and just her teeth. It was her way of teasing about the song, which hadn’t been released yet. Fans went went wild with the “Awkward Hayley” drawing, turning it into a meme. The band even put the two-toothed smile on their stage trunk during Tour One.


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Miley Cyrus

This tattoo of a tooth on Miley Cyrus’s right elbow is one of many matching tattoos which she shares with The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver, who are two of Miley’s closest friends.  All three got their tattoo in April 2015 but each on different body parts.

Wayne’s version of the tattoo is on the top of his foot and has a letter “K” in the center which is presumably for Katy.  It’s placed next to a tattoo of Miley’s “MC” smiley face logo.  Katy’s is on the back of her upper left arm.