Sports Tattoos

Kelly Clarkson

This blue ink tattoo on Kelly Clarkson’s left middle finger is somewhat of a mystery.  She has had this tattoo for years but has never spoken about what it means.  It looks like lowercase letters “dc” although in recent photos it’s very smudged.  Depending on which side is up, it could possibly be “sp”as well.

Our best guess is that the “dc” stands for NFL team the Dallas Cowboys.  Kelly grew up in Burleson, Texas which is a suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and she is known to be a big fan of the team.  She even got to write a song for them: “Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem).”  Blue is their team color, which would explain the unusual color of Kelly’s tattoo.

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Misty May-Treanor

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods has a tattoo of the Roman numeral “XXIII” on the back of her neck in honor of basketball legend Michael Jordan’s iconic number 23 jersey. Her own brother John Woods did the tattoo at Los Angeles’ Why Not Ink Tattoo in November 2015.

“Just landed in LA and decided to go get tatted by my brother @jwoodzart… Wouldn’t want anyone else to do this one for me. 23 forever,” she wrote on her instagram.


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