Before her album and accompanying comic book series Skin&Earth was even released to the public, LIGHTS has already gotten a tattoo on the back of her wrist matching the one on the character Enaia Jin (“En”), who she based on herself. But fans kept getting introduced to more new characters in the Skin& Earth universe with every subsequent issue.

LIGHTS added another tattoo featuring three different logos on her upper left arm after all six volumes had been released and the whole story was revealed. The design and the placement of this tattoo matches characters in the story, just as the tattoo on her wrist did. The mysterious goddess Mitsuki has these three symbols on her arm and she marks En with them as well. The meaning of the symbols is explained by Mitsuki in Issue #6:

“She marked my arm with three symbols: a moon, a soul, and a sun, to remind me of the true order of life. We are born, we live, then we die and give back, skin and earth once again as one.”

Although En is an embodiment of LIGHTS, she jokes that her own look is based on the character rather than the other way around and that she’s cosplaying every day.


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LIGHTS and several members of her crew got matching tattoos on March 5,2018 during her We Were Here Tour. Artist Scott Sonner inked them at Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo, NY during a day off in the middle of the tour.

She has tattoos for many of her albums, but had never gotten a tattoo specifically for a tour until this one. However this tour was especially meaningful. Following the final show on April 8th she wrote: “That’s a wrap on #WeWereHereTour holy shit the best tour of my life, I love you all more than I can explain. I love my crew and band and am so proud of the last two and half months!”

The red gas can tattoos are inspired by the “We Were Here” music video and issue #4 of the Skin&Earth comic book, which both tell the same story. LIGHTS’ character Enaia Jin carries around a gas can from out of a gas station convenience store and eventually uses it to light a truck on fire. The gas can in their tattoo is embellished with the logo for LIGHTS’ Skin&Earth album. This exact design appears on the We Were Here tour t-shirts. Interestingly, the gas can in the video and comic has a different logo featuring a bird and an oil rig.


LIGHTS has a tattoo on the back of her left wrist with the logo of hew new album and comic book “Skin & Earth.”  She kicked off the Skin & Earth album cycle in April 2017 with a teaser photoshoot featuring a new bright red hair color and this freshly-done tattoo.


Lights has a tattoo on her right forearm of the panther from her Midnight Machines album cover. Midnight Machines is the acoustic companion to her album Little Machines, and she has the logo for Little Machines tattooed behind her each. She got the panther tattooed by artist Derek Lewis in April 2016, right before the start of the Midnight Machines tour in support of the acoustic EP. “I’m ready for the Midnight Machines tour now,” she wrote on instagram.

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In May 2014, Lights got this tattoo of a retro-style rocketship as a tribute to her daughter Rocket Wild Bokan. It’s on her right thigh next to the portrait of her husband Beau Bokan. Written on the ship is “Player 3” to symbolize that Rocket is the third member of their family and “02-15-2014” for Rocket’s birthday: February 15th 2014.


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Lights has a lion on her left elbow.  She has a song called “Lions” and admires them as an animal.  “I’ve always thought lions were the epitome of beauty and strength and power,” she says.

Lions are also tied to memories of her childhood.  “My mom used to sit there in bed and read us the Narnia series growing up. And Aslan [the lion character in the books] represented something really great.  It’s just kinda grace and power all in one.”

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Rather than covering the old black ink heart and banner tattoo on her left forearm, Lights had it incorporated into a large and colorful new tattoo.  It is a coat of arms which she designed to represents different aspects of her life.   On the left side of the shield is Jesus’ name in Hebrew and and on the right side are the initials “EPVP” for her parents’ names Eric Poxleitner and Virginia Poxleitner.  Planets, a raygun, and music notes reflect her outer space alter-ego Captain Lights.  A lion and a griffin are on the sides crushing a dragon on the bottom.


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On Lights’ right arm is the Twinblade of the Phoenix from World of Warcraft. Lights describes it as “one of the most beautiful weapons” and says that it’s placement “always makes me feel like I’m on the ready with a weapon.”

Lights had a scar on her arm from when she got from her tuberculosis shot as a child, and she had the tattoo placed so that the jewel on the sword covered the scar. She explains “It scarred me for life. And I had this, it looked like a bullet wound on my forearm, since I was five. And [in 2009] I got this tattoo covering it which is a sword from a game I play called World of Warcraft. But I specifically placed it so that the jewel would be right over the scar. And the scar tissue healed weird and held the ink funny so that it actually looks like an opal. But it looks really cool and gives that jewel a unique look. So I turn scars into jewels.”

Lights loves fictional weapons and has a wall of them in her apartment. “I’m a warrior in World of Warcraft, so I always have swords. And obviously I love this whole warrior vibe,” she says.

The tattoo was done by Derek Lewis at Hartless Design in Toronto.

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Lights has a tattoo across both of her forearms of lyrics translated into German.  It reads “Jetzt und immer die Segen von der Vater und bleibst Unschuldig bis Er kommt” which translates roughly to “Now and always have the blessing of the father and remain blameless until the end,” though it’s not quite grammatically correct. Lights has said she likes tattoo because the German word for “father” which is “Vater” makes her think of Darth Vader from Star Wars.


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Lights has a large tattoo on her back of Wonder Woman pushing off the hand of Giganta from the cover of Wonder Woman 2 volume 3.  At the bottom of the tattoo is a banner with the word UNSTOPPABLE written across it.  According to Lights, “it really represents being able to fight big things even though you’re small.”

Lights identifies with powerful female figures, and is particularly enamored with Wonder Woman.  She explains: “Wonder Woman is kind of my role model. She’s beautiful and she’s pure, and she fights with immense strength but integrity. She fights with justice and honor, and she’s not doing anything in a slimy or destructive way, and she’s doing it with grace and out of respect for everyone. And she’s an ambassador for Themyscira and a real symbol of a powerful woman. I think it’s fantastic. And she can kick ass and still look great doing it, so I feel like she’s a great symbol for us.”

Like many of her tattoos, this one represents strength.  “Everything I have on me makes me feel like I can do anything,” she says.


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On her left ribcage are the words “in this fearsome pilgrimage unearth a crusader’s heart.” She came up with this phrase herself and intended to use it as lyric in one of her songs, but it never made the cut. “[It] was something that was just drifting through my head for a few days. I was going to use it as a lyric but couldn’t make it work anywhere, but it really spoke to me in the time I was in. One day we had to cancel a show in Denver because the roads were closed due to blizzards and we ended up in a small town called Fort Collins. We were all in terrible moods so I escaped to a tattoo shop we passed on the way in and got it done.”


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Lights’ very first tattoos were the sparrows on her hips which she got as a symbol of moving away from home.  She explains: “I had just moved away from home and I was 18. I was living in Vancouver at the time and I moved to Toronto, so it’s a big move, it’s like L.A. to New York. I was kind facing the world on my own for the first time and my parents probably would have never let me get a tattoo but I moved out, like ‘I’m a free bird.’ So I got [on my hips] — it’s super cliché, but I got two sparrows. From this hole in the wall place and I was underage. The guy wasn’t that great. But it was exciting because it was my first tattoo.”

Why a sparrow? “I never get anything that doesn’t mean something.  The sparrow travels the world but always knows how to get home. And a sparrow is a love bird. They find their partner and they stay with them forever. They’re a really loyal bird. It just had a really cool story behind it.”

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  1. {LIGHTS}VALERIE POXLEITNER.^_^ I AM HAPPILY ENJOYING YOUR NEW MUSIC THESE THE LISTENING “LIGHTS” any advise famous inspiration as personally for Valerie Poxleitner as famous popularity. Probably I liked most LIGHTS she was Humble Canadian,Prettiest more than others ladies talented on songwriting plays music staffed. When did you had last of first up coming album “THE LISTENING” “LIGHTS”, Release date: September 22, 2009?

  2. ‘Jetzt und immer die Segen von der Vater und bleibst Unschuldig bis Er kommt’
    I am German and it’s absolutelly wrong written. Both grammer and spelling…
    I don’t understand what she wanted it to mean…xD

    FAIL hahahaha…poor girl.

    Maybe: Jetzt und für immer vom Vater gesegnet, bleibe ich unschuldig bis er kommt.

  3. Hello Lights,
    I hope this message finds you well. Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is David Carruthers and I’m an author/entertainer and motivational speaker for kids (adults, too) who resides in London, ON. In saying this, I’d be beyond honoured to have you appear in my upcoming children’s book, “Hockey Joe” as a cartoon character. At the moment, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have gotten a number of incredible people that have said, ‘yes’ to appearing as toons; celebrity coaches, fans in the stands, players, national anthem singers and cartoon broadcasters. Some of the names include; Anne Murray, Kyle Maynard, Vicki Keith, Shavar Ross, Elaine “Mighty Mouse” Tanner, Justin Hines, Tyler Armstrong, Joe Theismann, Charles Schulz (permission from Craig Herman of Peanuts Worldwide Publishing), Chris Temple, James Malinchak, Jason McElwain, Kim Moriarity, Rick “Frosty” Hesson, Jimmy Johnson Jr., Mac Arnold, Amy Wright, David Kim, Silken Laumann, David Patchell-Evans, Jimmy Valvano(permission from Nick Valvano and Sherrie Mazur of the V Foundation), Ty Reveen, Rita MacNeil(permission from her son Wade), Dustin Godnick, Stompin’ Tom(permission from Charles Stewart), Perry Chen, Ashley Cowen, Lucas Wilson, Kent Healy and Mona and Lisa Wagner….I can send you the complete list upon request. Again, I’d be unbelievably honoured and super pumped to have you grace the pages of my future book. It is my GOAL to ASSIST kids by showing them that if an average Joe like me(was a shy kid with a bit of a speech problem can do it-was even scared to speak on the phone to relatives sometimes for fear my stutter would flare up) can do it, they(ALL KIDS) CAN DO it, too!! If you can think of any inspirational people who LOVE kids and wants to INSPIRE them via thus creative venture, please feel free to pass along my contact info(5196799143 and or email me at Have to dash as I have an early start tomorrow(today as it’s almost 3am). Have a super week ahead and I wish you and your family a 2015 full of amazing success/happiness!!

    Best Wishes and Continued Incredible Success,

    David Carruthers

    PS Paul Janz(one of my favorite singers growing up) just recently agreed to be a toon. If you don’t know who he is, I highly recommend his work…”Believe in Me” is a beautiful song with a powerful message!
    “Helping kids isn’t rocket science, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.” David Carruthers

    “Never overlook an underdog because it has an incredible inner bite.” David Carruthers

  4. Lights got a new tattoo of a rocket next to her thigh piece for her daughter. theres a picture on her facebook

  5. I love LIGHTS and all of her tattoos. My favorite one of hers is Wonder Woman. And I love “Found in Love” on her index finger. And her sword and her Captain LIGHTS tattoo. Did I mention that I loved all of her tattoos? <3 <3 <3

  6. I’ve played a lot of the Final Fantasy games and I don’t think that her character is a specific one. I think it’s just a generic warrior woman. I think the sword next to the character is a Final Fantasy one, but I can barely see the picture so I don’t know which one it is. There are thousands of swords in Final Fantasy.

  7. lol everyone bitching about the german quote. take a history class on eastern europe. the languages there have always been different depending on the region, with slight to large variations. you’re not experts on language. just because hers is different that doesn’t make it wrong.

    • Yes, it’s actually wrong. The grammar isn’t right, and it just doesn’t make sense in general.
      I wonder why you would get a tattoo in german without asking at least one person who actually speaks german… did she just use google translator?

      • I’m a native speaker and yes the grammar is completely wrong and the sentence doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • a while back lights said in an interview the way her quote is written is how i think her grandmother wrote it and that’s why the grammar is all fxxked up.

  8. finally i found a girl with tattoos who doesn’t look slutty at all . now ive no doubt on getting more tattoos. i love you lights ! i love youuuuuu :D

  9. I think she has a new tattoo. Of King Varian Wyrnn ( The Alliance king in WoW), on her thigh. There are no pictures though, she talked in about it in an interview

  10. Her tattoo on her finger, the -:”/9 is really intruiging, its really cool and unique to her and her fiance. And for everyone saying she will regret the tattoos when shes much older? I don’t think she will. She felt confident enough to change her name because Lights is who she feels she is, it makes her a person. So I think that the tattoo’s were well thought out and they’re a part of her just like her name.

  11. Thanks Anack! I knew alot about er tattoos but not that much. Also she got the laser gun because it is from a comic she made. It’s Captain Lights laser gun which she said as an artist it’s what she most proud of.

  12. Does anyone know the font she used on the “in this fearsome pilgrimage unleash a crusader’s heart” tattoo? I know it’s kind of a strange question and request but I really want to have my tattoo done in that font! I think it’s beautiful :)

  13. As cool as they look now, they’re going to look downright ridiculous in 25 years. I think that people should stop living in the moment, and think about their future sometimes. No disrespect to Lights, I like her tattoos, and I think that they make her look edgy. But she went overboard, and she’s going to have to face the consequences in years to come.

  14. THANK YOU @Elle, for telling us what its about XD I’ve been tearing up the internet for the past hour trying to determine what it means lol

  15. For those wondering what -:”/9 mean, she said in an interview it means beings really happy. I’m not sure which interview but yeah, thought I would share.

  16. First of all,I love love love LIGHTS! She is bloody awesome!!
    But the German tattoo´s a bit embaressing,because she obviously did not check out the correct form,’Jetzt und immer die Segen von der Vater und bleibst Unschuldig bis Er kommt’ makes no sense at all… :/ Sorry.
    I am German and I would rather translate it like this:
    “Habe jetzt und immer den Segen des Vaters und bleibe unschuldig,bis zum Ende.”
    (It´s not that easy to translate it into German,you can translate the meaning of it,but not the whole quote,like word by word…The German grammar is very different from the English one, and the expressions tend to be completely different.)
    You could also say it like: “Behalte jetzt und immer den Segen des Vaters und bleibe ohne Schuld, bis zum Ende”(remain without gulit-ohne Schuld sein/bleiben,behalten-keep something)
    or like: “Behalte den Segen des Vaters,jetzt und immer,und bleibe unschuldig/schuldfrei/ohne Schuld,bis zum Schluss.” There are a few more versions,you could use.But Valerie´s version,however,is completely false.
    If someone of you guys is ever going to meet her in person could you PLEASE tell her that?Thanks.

  17. LIGHTS tattoos are epic i love them all….@River i want to change my name too but am not sure yet ? but i want to change it because i want something that represents me and what am all about

  18. I lovvee the hearthstone, It takes you home, I think that’s one of my new favorite tattoos ever. I wanna get ittttt noww. :) And the twinblade of the pheonix is my other favorite… :D

  19. When you get a tattoo, it should be something that you want to look at for the rest of your life.

    Somehow I don’t think in 25 years the favourite weapon in your favourite video game when you were 21 is going to have any real meaning.

    And honestly, you guys who are thinking of copying her tats, please don’t. Get your own, they should mean something to you, you shouldn’t just copy what your fav celebrity has.

    And I can guarantee you if you got it done and went up to her and said “Hey Lights! I love you so much I got all your tattoos!” you would creep her out big time.

  20. Well, I for one love ALL of her tattoos! My favorites are the twin blade and the coat of arms though. P.S. @River her name really was Valerie…. Not Veronica.

  21. Does anyone know what her tatoo -:”/9 means? Both her and her Bf have it, and i LOVE it, but i have no idea what it means lol.

  22. LIGHTS is an amazing inspiration to so many. I love all of her tattoos because they have sentimental value to her as a person and that’s definitely something to respect. I could see my self getting her German tattoo but in English and on one arm instead of spreading it out onto both. All of her world or war craft tattoos are so cool. I’m a bit of a nerd my self so I suppose that’s why i understand all of her tattoos. I’m just waiting for her to get the star trek emblem somewhere. To all you haters, go ahead and keep hating. It gets you nowhere in life. Start loving, as God has called us to love everyone for who they are. Weather you like her tattoos or not, LIGHTS is genually a kind hearted person who loves everyone as she should. Take after her example and leave no smile un-brightened. LIGHTS legally changed her name from veronica to LIGHTS because she said that veronica was a part of her life that was over and it was time for a new chapter. In a few years I hope to take after that example by legally changing my name to river, because I have always found such beauty in water. A common name given by most parents doesn’t describe the true beauty within every human being. When it’s hard for me to find beauty in myself I think of a river I saw once and how it had such character and radiated un-describable beauty that could not be denied, no matter what was on the inside, or what flowed through it’s currents. I think that everyone should have the chance to do what lights did on the path of descovering them selves:)

  23. I’m glad to hear this grandmother story about German tattoo… I’m German myself and had to read the original quote in order to understand the meaning. It really doesn’t make ANY sense… but well I guess that’s who she is – not everyone would get a tattoo in a foreign language without double-checking the meaning.

    Other than that, I LOVE the Wonder Woman tattoo and the weapons. Nerdy tattoos are friggin cool if you can pull them off.

  24. She’s had quite a few more since these…she’s practically got a full sleeve on one of her arms now, and has her -:”/9 tattoo on her finger to match her boyfriend Beau Bokan :’)

  25. @The King- if you think she’s disgusting why are you looking at her pics……. i think your jealous or did she hurt you? either way. LIGHTS FTW!

  26. Wow! I didn’t realize how many tats she has! I kinda think she looked better when she didn’t have al the huge ones like the sword and the wonderwoman one. The meaning to the wonderwoman one is great, but I think she looked a lot better with only a couple of tats.

  27. I love her tattoos :] The twinblade is my favorite. And yes, she is aware of the spelling mistakes in her german tattoo. But she got it translated from her German relative, who was the last one left in her area. For that, it has a special meaning to her. (She was kind of old too, which probably explains the spelling errors)
    @Sarah, no its not on her boob :P Somewhere in her ribacage/back region, I’m pretty sure. And also, the camera she took the picture of the twinbalde with probably just flipped it around.

  28. OH and some pictures confused me so much. -_-
    kayso, in the one of her sitting showing her sword tattoo .. the caption says left arm , but her sword tattoo is supposed to be on the right? D:

  29. Okay I just have one question ..
    first of all i LOVE Lights and adore her tattoo’s .. i wanna get some like hers maybe (:
    but, for the crusaders heart one .. is that on her boob? I wonder how much that would hurt ..

  30. @theking — There’s no need to call her ‘disgusting’ I can understand that your opinion is yours and I respect that,but it is clear that she is happy in her own (tattooed) skin and the tattoos mean a lot to her and it is clear you have that different views on this matter; there’s no need to say that they have ‘dire lack of sense and judgement’ just because you have a different opinion.

  31. i think she looks disgusting. i don’t know what makes these people think that huge tattoos like this all over their body looks attractive. it doesn’t. just goes to show you no matter how talented some people are they can still have a dire lack of sense and judgment.

  32. Just FYI for those questioning some of the tatooes

    Grammer on the German tattoes-She got the quotes from her grandmother, who spoke German as a first language, right before she died. After she got the tatooes, she found out her grandma told her the wrong way to say it, grammatically speaking of course, but she says she doesn’t care because it was what her grandma told her, and it is a memory of sorts to her grandma.

    And about the WoW blade and the Laser Gun.
    blade- She got it because it’s her favorite weapon on the game. Also, the jewel coveres up a scar she got when she was younger. I believe it was a jellyfish sting, but I could be mistaken. That’s not the sole reason she got the tatoo, but it contributes. I remember reading or hearing in an interview that she also likes the fact that when she shakes people’s hands it’s like something along the lines of her blade is facing them. Something like that, I don’t remember exactly.

    laser gun- She has this thing about space. she’s obsessed with scifi stuff. Laser guns are kind of her theme. Real deidicated fans even call themselves LASers. LAS standing for Lights Addiction Syndrome. I’m pretty sure it’d be her weapon of choice if laser guns were commonly used weapons.

  33. omg her tats are epic her captain lights raidar gun! and the twin blade of pheinox is such a beautiful sword:) she also has a couple other tats on her other fore arm. one is a heart and a banner around it and she also has a coat of arms around the heartand banner oh and she has a new one around that… i think its a lion

  34. l wish lights was my daughter.i believe she could change this earth a better them that have ears hear the earth.shine a pure light girl!!!leave nothing in the dark sweetie!

  35. yeah, the German one has some mistakes.

    I’m pretty sure the grammar is way off, but i still really like the tat :)
    seriously though- if you get a tat in a different language, it might be nice to check with a native speaker first ;P

  36. I have always loved the german one on her forearms, but the “crusader’s heart” one might have just topped that, I just love that it goes with the placement.

  37. hey, what about her tattoo on her ankle? it’s a Hearthstone from World of Warcraft, so she can always use it to go home..

  38. there are some spelling mistakes in her german quote tattoo.
    Jetzt und immer der Segen von dem Vater und bleibst Unschuldig bis Er kommt.