Feminism Tattoos

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has a tattoo on her left middle finger of the Venus symbol which is the symbol for women. The tattoo symbolizes her feminist ideologies and her pride in being a woman. Her unabashed female sexuality is one of the recurring themes in her music, for instance her song “God is a woman” is about “sexual female empowerment & how women are literally everything & the universe is inside of us.”

She has supported many women’s issues, big and small, and she’s known for shutting down the pervasive sexism in how the media portrays her. She believes that women are so much more than sexual objects or conquests, that they deserve to be seen as individuals and not be defined by the men they’re dating, that they have the right to express sexuality without inviting sexual assault or being disresepected, and that women’s thoughts and opinions on real issues matter just as much as men’s.

She first got this tattoo in August 2016 but it wore down quickly and was extremely hard to see until she had it retouched in May 2018.


Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has a tattoo of the word “Pussy” on her right foot as a tribute to her lady-bits and to female empowerment.

Sexuality and power are deeply entwined for the entrepreneuring social media star, who even starred in a music video for a song called “P.O.P.” (Power of Pussy). She used her own pussy power to create a career for herself as a stripper and pin-up model and later leveraged her romantic relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian to grow her own celebrity status. She’s well aware of her status as a sex symbol but she uses it to her own advantage.

Although she could have found a more PG-rated way to get her message across, she’s not shy about expletive tattoos and also has the word “Fuck” on her ribs.

The placement of this tattoo might also a reference to the phrase “pussy-footed” which means cautious or stealthy.

When Blac Chyna got this tattoo in April 2018, she also updated an existing butterfly tattoo on the top of her foot to make it larger.


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Halsey got the Queen of Diamonds playing card symbols tattooed on her temple in June 2018. “Thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo,” she wrote to artist Noah Lee aka Nal.

She captioned a picture of the tattoo with lyrics to her song “Castle,” in which she sings about becoming the queen as a metaphor for coming to take her place in the music industry with the chorus line “I’m headed straight for the castle / They wanna make me their queen.” More specifically, it’s about taking back some of the power from male executives who think that a female performer should look and act a certain way in order to appease the masses. She sings “there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.” Being a queen is to be a woman who is charge of her own destiny.


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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham tattooed the word “Staunch” on her bikini line as a replacement for the “Staunch” tattoo that she used to have on her wrist which she covered over with a cross.

Her love of the word “Staunch” is inspired by the movie Grey Gardens, in which Little Edie says “But you see in dealing with me, the relatives didn’t know that they were dealing with a staunch character and I tell you if there’s anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman… S-T-A-U-N-C-H. There’s nothing worse, I’m telling you. They don’t weaken, no matter what.”


Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson got this “girl power” tattoo on her collarbone from artist Gabby Colledge in January 2018.  As a girl group, Little Mix’s music is all about women taking charge and standing up for themselves.  They want female listeners young and old to feel empowered and confident. “If a girl is being bullied, or heartbroken, or just feeling like utter shite, if our music can make them feel better… then we’re doing our jobs right,” Jesy says.

The term “girl power” has been deeply entwined with female pop groups ever since the Spice Girls made it their slogan in the 1990s.  Girl power is all about women supporting each other and building each other up rather than competing and tearing each other down.


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Maria Brink

Maria Brink has the triple goddess symbol tattooed on her left upper arm??.
The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.

In pagan mythology usage the three female figures symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the Moon, and often rules one of the realms of earth, underworld, and the heavens.

The “Maiden” represents new beginnings, the “Mother” represents power and fertility and the “Crone” symbolize wisdom and death.


Tove Lo

Tove Lo celebrated the release of her sophomore album Lady Wood by getting this tattoo on her arm on November 27, 2016, a month after the album’s October 28th release date.  Tattoo artist Mark Lonsdale created a simple minimalist outline from Tove Lo’s new vagina logo, which was designed for this album cycle.  The illustrated image shows the full vulva with labia surrounding the vaginal opening. The circle at the top and cross at the bottom together represent the female symbol ♀ while the circle on its own is a clitoris.  This logo appears on the Lady Wood cover art in place of the letter “O”s in her name.  She and her whole tour crew have matching vagina jackets.

Tove Lo wrote an essay for Teen Vogue where she explains that the female anatomy is nothing to be ashamed of:

To some people “showing off” the vagina in any way is seen as something shocking and scandalous. I don’t know if it’s their religious or cultural beliefs that make them think it’s something to be ashamed of, but I know for sure I don’t feel that way: You should be proud of your vagina — it’s a cool and positive part of you! Being open and free about the body and self-love (the way I am) can be provocative — but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad or dangerous.

My vagina tattoo reminds me not to make myself smaller, which is often what’s expected of women. To be loud is to be seen as being a troublemaker. As girls, we’re often not encouraged to speak up. I’m allowed to claim my space. The symbol, which is also on the cover of my album Lady Wood, is a reminder to go for the things that scare you but also give you a rush. People tell me all the time that I’m a chick with balls. It’s supposed to be a compliment, but really it’s insulting. Women don’t need balls to be brave. Our vaginas will do just fine.

The album title Lady Wood itself shows how female sexuality and female power in general is often viewed through a male perspective.