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LIGHTS Poxleitner

On Lights’ right arm is the Twinblade of the Phoenix from World of Warcraft. Lights describes it as “one of the most beautiful weapons” and says that it’s placement “always makes me feel like I’m on the ready with a weapon.”

Lights had a scar on her arm from when she got from her tuberculosis shot as a child, and she had the tattoo placed so that the jewel on the sword covered the scar. She explains “It scarred me for life. And I had this, it looked like a bullet wound on my forearm, since I was five. And [in 2009] I got this tattoo covering it which is a sword from a game I play called World of Warcraft. But I specifically placed it so that the jewel would be right over the scar. And the scar tissue healed weird and held the ink funny so that it actually looks like an opal. But it looks really cool and gives that jewel a unique look. So I turn scars into jewels.”

Lights loves fictional weapons and has a wall of them in her apartment. “I’m a warrior in World of Warcraft, so I always have swords. And obviously I love this whole warrior vibe,” she says.

The tattoo was done by Derek Lewis at Hartless Design in Toronto.

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