On her left ribcage are the words “in this fearsome pilgrimage unearth a crusader’s heart.” She came up with this phrase herself and intended to use it as lyric in one of her songs, but it never made the cut. “[It] was something that was just drifting through my head for a few days. I was going to use it as a lyric but couldn’t make it work anywhere, but it really spoke to me in the time I was in. One day we had to cancel a show in Denver because the roads were closed due to blizzards and we ended up in a small town called Fort Collins. We were all in terrible moods so I escaped to a tattoo shop we passed on the way in and got it done.”

Scruba-dub-dub three boos in a tub

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Love knows no obstacles yall (?: @zanecookmedia)

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Celebrity: LIGHTS Poxleitner





posted by Linda on October 19, 2016

LIGHTS Poxleitner Tattoos

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