Panther Tattoos

LIGHTS Poxleitner

Lights has a tattoo on her right forearm of the panther from her Midnight Machines album cover. Midnight Machines is the acoustic companion to her album Little Machines, and she has the logo for Little Machines tattooed behind her each. She got the panther tattooed by artist Derek Lewis in April 2016, right before the start of the Midnight Machines tour in support of the acoustic EP. “I’m ready for the Midnight Machines tour now,” she wrote on instagram.

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Juliet Simms

In September 2010 Juliet Simms got a panther on her right shoulder blade. It’s done in a Sailor Jerry style, and Juliet says it was her first traditional tattoo. “The meaning behind it is that it’s clawing its way up my back. I got it at a point of my life where I was clawing my way to the top, basically.”


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