Allison Green’s Tattoos

Millionaires singer Allison Green has a full sleeve on her left arm with all Japanese-inspired designs. She is half Japanese on her mother's side. She also has many other tattoos on various body parts including her fingers, hip, ankles, ribcage, and inner lip. Many of her tattoos were done by her sister and fellow Millionaires band member Melissa Marie Green.

Allison Green WTF ultraviolet face tattoo

In February 2012, Allison had “WTF” (What The Fuck) tattooed on her temple by her sister Melissa Marie Green. This tattoo is done in blacklight ink, which means that it can only be seen under ultraviolet light and is “invisible” in most circumstances.


Allison Green 5150 inner lip tattoo

Allison Green’s first tattoo was “5150” inside her lower lip, which she got in January 2011. 5150 is a code in the California state law for an involuntary psychiatric hold, meaning that that a person can be detained by police for evaluation if they pose a danger to themselves or others as a result of mental disorder. Or in Allison’s own words, “It means legally insane.”

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  1. hmmmmm lets seee
    Allison Green=DGAFTWDC
    Melissa Marie=DGAFTWDC
    Millionaires= Way better than u
    the millionaires taught me to dgaf

  2. Youh Guys are so stupid seriously millionaires do watever they wanna do and for whoever is annonymous grow some balls put your name huh stupid ass ppl melissa and allison DGAF! get it they do what they feel like so suck a lolli and stfu thanxs

  3. Allison Green and her sister Melissa Are both singers in their band Millionare$. They sing about partying, drinking, and having a good time. They accidentally started by playing around on GarageBand. I’m not super into the music but I love their style & how they Dgaf what people think.

  4. Hahaha. Lol. This shit is hilarious. I stumbled across this site. 1st of all, who da- FUCK is allison green… probably another fake celebrity like a kardashian. I swear those people are like toilet paper… you wipe your ass with them and if you make the mistake of over saturating the toilet (the public enabling these overpriced prostitutes ) when you try to flush (change the channel) the shit paper is everywhere. I like Dev’s tats, they have meaning and look decent. Kreayshawn’s are fuck’n halarious, stupid, but funny. Now this retard put 5150 inside her dirty ass mouth… who knows what other shit she’s put in that rat trap.I like the way the author condricted her meaning. I’ve transported people on 5150 holds and let me say its not a good thing, no its not fuck’n cool. Basically when you get put on a psych hold you don’t have any rights for 72 hours, could be more depending on the accepting facility. You get strapped down to gurney by cooporation or by force. For most psych patients its a cry for help or history of drug abuse. This 5150 label has a bad stigma attached with it. In reality your a slave because the facility receives money for your ass being there. Inmates have more rights then psych patients… There’s a reason why the three classes were created, drug addicts and psychs are part of that low class, it thins the herd. Through the ages the masses have been persuaded through the media and subliminally messaging. Be smarter then this…

  5. Thats so fucking stupid. Seriously tattoos used to have so much meaning before but now look at what they have turned into….

  6. Wow that is crazy! getting a 5150 tattoo on your underlip! I can’t explain how much that amazes me, not many people know what a 5150 is, much respect for getting that tatted up.