Lip Tattoos

Noah Cyrus

In August 2018, Noah Cyrus got matching lip tattoos with her friend Lucas Machado, who is a model. The chose the word “Reh” which is something that they like to say to each other. It seems to be their version of “rawr.”

The tattoos were an impulsive decision. They were hanging out with another model Caleb Cechota, who had just gotten a scorpion on his arm earlier that day, when they decided to get some ink of their own. “Lucas and I just decided we’re going to get tatted,” Noah said on her instagram story while laughing. “Oh my god, this is my life, all the time — more tattoos!” She had over 20 tattoos already but this was the first for him.


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Jordyn Jones

After getting her first tattoo at BeautyCon, Jordyn Jones wasted no time in getting tattoos two and three.  The 18-year-old star visited artist Romeo Lacoste only two weeks later to get a rose on her side and this tattoo inside her lip of “BABY” written with the second letter “B” backwards. Even though the tattoo seems silly, it’s something that she thought about for a long time beforehand.  She it showed off on her instagram and wrote:

after wanting this for four years… lip tat by @romeolacoste ? “BABY” with a backwards B ? (3rd tattoo)

The ink didn’t hold well on the middle letters so she had it retouched a few days later.  In a lot of her pictures it really looks like “BASY” or “BA$Y” more than “BA?Y.”


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Madison Beer

Madison Beer’s first tattoo was of the word “Honey” on the inside of her lip. She got this tattoo back in March 2017 and has mentioned it a few times, but it was over a year before anyone actually saw it. Fans finally got their first glimpse of secret tattoo in June 2018 when her “Home With You” music video was released. The video includes a brief closeup shot of Madison’s inner lip.

Honey is the name of one of Madison’s pet dogs, who she declared as the “love of my life” in an instagram caption. She had another dog named Boo Boo first and chose Honey’s name as a reference to reality TV star Honey Boo Boo.

Madison is known to be a huge dog lover.  A search through her twitter brings up statements like “hello I love dogs goodbye,” “can’t wait to get older so i can live with 500 dogs,” and “what did humans do to deserve such a gift like dogs.”

In March 2017 she accompanied Jack Johnson’s girlfriend Claudia Tihan as she got her own “honey” lip tattoo from the same artist Rafael Valdez.  So it’s somewhat of a matching tattoo, but it seems like Madison had hers first.

Check out more pictures of the tattoo and some pictures of Madison with her dog Honey below:


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Paris Jackson

In April 2016, Paris Jackson got the word “MÖTLEY” tattooed on the inside of her lip for the classic metal band Mötley Crüe. “Most lip tattoos are temporary and y’all have been my favorite since I was 12, so I figured why not,” she tweeted to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. She later got a more permanent tribute to the band with their Dr Feelgood album logo on her bicep.


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Mindy White

Mindy White daggum lip tattoo

Mindy White’s first tattoo is of the word “daggum” on the inside of her bottom lip. “Daggum” is a word that Mindy uses in place of swearing. She explains:

It’s like saying “dang” or “darn.” I don’t like profanity so I try not to use it. “Daggum it” is the same thing as saying “Dang it.” It’s a rather southern term.

Mindy got this tattoo during Warped Tour 2006 to remind her of home. Inspired by a friend with “sushi” tattooed in her lip, Mindy first considered getting “barbecue” as a tribute to her Tennessee home. She instead decided on “daggum” to remind her of her parents.

We were on Warped tour and this guy was giving out free tattoos. I have a friend that has “sushi” with arrows pointing down her throat, and I wanted to get “barbecue.” Which is funny, I’m glad I didn’t because now I’m vegetarian. So I was thinking “what can I get that reminds me of home?” and my parents always say “daggum,” like “dang it,” “daggum it.” So I got that.

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