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Allison Green

Allison Green 5150 inner lip tattoo

Allison Green’s first tattoo was “5150” inside her lower lip, which she got in January 2011. 5150 is a code in the California state law for an involuntary psychiatric hold, meaning that that a person can be detained by police for evaluation if they pose a danger to themselves or others as a result of mental disorder. Or in Allison’s own words, “It means legally insane.”

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Melissa Marie Green

Melissa Marie Green’s first tattoo was “I ♥ $” (I Love Money) on the inside of her lip. She got this tattoo in the summer of 2009 while Millionaires were on Warped Tour. Because lip tattoos wear off easily, Melissa had this tattoo retouched in January 2011 while her sister Allison Green was getting her first tattoo, also in her lip.


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