Waves Tattoos

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo got a surrealist design tattooed on the center of her chest in June 2018.  Her tattoo artist Alex Chiong created the unique ocean-inspired design by superimposing multiple images on top of each other.  There are a pair of eyes inked below Malu’s breasts and a conch shell where the woman’s nose would be.  A school of fish fills in the space on the bottom while the top of the design features curved lines that represent waves and sea birds.  On top of the tattoo is a little black crescent moon, which is often a symbol for women since the menstrual cycle lines up with the lunar cycle.  The moon also controls the tides of the ocean.

Malu’s young age is always a source of controversy every time she gets a new tattoo, but this time things don’t add up.  The tattoo was done by a licensed artist at a reputable parlor in Florida, where it is only legal to tattoo a minor with parental consent if they are 16 or older — and Malu was 15.  The artist actually defended himself by posting a picture on instagram of Malu posing with police officers and wrote “Try again guys Malú is not 13 you guys are haters and her mom is here everyone and everything is fine.”  Someone watching her livestream had called the cops who showed up at the parlor but did nothing.  So either Malu has been lying about her age and she’s older than she says, or, more likely, she and her mom lied to the tattoo artist and the police and said that she was 16.


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Woah Vicky has an uplifting Christian tattoo on the inside of her right elbow.  Four minimalist red ink symbols – a sun, waves, mountains, and a cross – represent the lyrics “There is hope, should oceans rise and mountains fall, He’ll never fail” from Hillsong United’s song “Take Heart.” Artist Noel Shiveley designed the symbols which are a popular tattoo.


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Miley Cyrus

During a trip to Australia in April 2016, Miley Cyrus got a matching tattoo with her future sister in-law and two friends. All four women got the same wave design on different body parts. Miley’s is on the outside of her right foot.

Actress Elsa Pataky got hers on the side of her middle finger. Her husband Chris Hemsworth and Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth are brothers.  It’s not clear what sort of relationship Miley has to the other two participants in the impromptu tattoo session, April Munro and Kalani Miller, who both got the design on their wrists.

The miminalist wave was drawn by professional surfer Kelly Slater, who is Miller’s fiance, and inked by tattoo artist Lauren Winzer. (more…)

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