Butt Tattoos

Lea Michele

Lea Michele has “Finn” inked in small font on her left butt cheek. Finn is the character that her fiancee Cory Monteith, who is deceased, played on the TV show Glee.

On the show, Lea’s character Rachel and her friend Kurt decide to get tattoos in honor of Finn, in hopes that this would help them heal. Kurt decides to get “it gets better” inked, while Rachel claimed she backed out. Later in the episode, she lifts up her shirt to reveal her lover’s name in a delicate font tattooed on her side.

Many people didn’t see Lea Michele’s real-life “Finn” tattoo until her nearly-naked cover of Women’s Health magazine’s September 2016 issue; but she actually had this tattoo inked in 2011, before her late love passed.


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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner elaborated on her existing hip tattoo in July 2016.  She added the word “before” to the left of the “sanity” tattoo which she got six months prior.  “Sanity” is spelled out with the phonetic alphabet like in a dictionary, as “\ˈsa-nə-tē\,” while “before” is written normally.

The two parts of the tattoo blend together seamlessly though they were actually done by different artists. The original text was inked by celebrity-favorite Bang Bang back in December 2015; but she chose Rafael Valdez, who had done many of her then-boyfriend Tyga’s tattoos, for the rework.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has a floral tattoo on the right side of her butt.  Fans got their first glimpse of the private tattoo in a twerking video which she posted in November 2017, but Iggy has confirmed that she had it for a while beforehand. She tweeted “It’s not new and I have zero plans to share in detail with the internet haha.”

The design is similar to the flower on the back of her hand.  While discussing flower tattoos with 103.5 KISS FM, she said “I have two actually.  I have one on my butt, but no one’s allowed to see that one.”

Although she has been secretive about the tattoo, she has not kept it completely hidden.  It has been seen in bikini videos on her social media and even at concerts when she has worn sheer pants.


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