Lil Debbie’s Tattoos

Lil Debbie has around 20 tattoos. Most of her tattoos on her left arm, though she also has tattoos scattered on back, on both of her ankles, her hip, and a few fingers.

When asked if her tattoos have meaning, she responded “Some do and some I just like because they’re like art to me.” Among her more light-hearted tattoos are a cupcake, lipstick, and Hello Kitty. Though not all of her tattoos have deep meanings, she does plan them carefully. “I don’t believe in tattooing frivolously….I mean, it’s permanent! I’ve got a few I sort of regret so I’m real careful now,” she says. “For women I think you gotta be careful bout getting too many random tattoos. Plan them. Tattoos should add to your beauty and show what’s meaningful to you and the things you like.”

Lil Debbie, whose real name is Jordan Capozzi, is a stylist, rapper and DJ.

Lil Debbie mom heart tattoo
On the inside of her arm is a heart and a banner with her mother’s name “Donna.”

Lil Debbie Alpha Femme tattoo
“Alpha Femme” is written on her upper arm.

Lil Debbie sleeve tattoo
Lil Debbie has a partial sleeve on her left forearm with a lollipop, diamonds, lipstick, a bow, and a cupcake.

Lil Debbie cupcake tattoo
Regarding the cupcake tattoo, which was added onto her sleeve later, she explained “I got it because I just liked it when I was in the tattoo studio…and it fits with everything else on my sleeve.”

Lil Debbie feather tattoo
She has a vibrant green and white feather on her arm next to the sleeve design. This was a gift for her birthday in 2011.

Lil Debbie Stay True tattoo
Along her wrist are the words “Stay True.”

Lil Debbie button tattoo
There is a little button on her wrist which she says is one of her favorite tattoos. Though she hasn’t explained the story behind it, we believe that it has to do with her love of fashion.

Lil Debbie horseshoe tattoo
She has a horseshoe which is traditionally a good luck symbol.

Lil Debbie 510 tattoo
On the back of her wrist is “510” The Oakland native explains “510 is the area code in the Bay Area where I’m from in California.”

Lil Debbie knuckle tattoos
Lil Debbie has tattoos on two of her knuckles. On her index finger is a pink female symbol (♀). On her middle finger is a yellow outline of a lightning bolt.

Lil Debbie dollar sign tattoos
On the sides of those same two fingers are a pair of dollar signs ($).

Lil Debbie Capozzi tattoo
Lil Debbie has her last name “Capozzi” tattooed on her upper back.

Lil Debbie lips tattoo
On her right side is a pink kiss mark.

Lil Debbie YSL tattoo
Beneath it is “YSL,” the logo for fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Lil Debbie diamond tattoos
On the sides of her lower back are two colorful diamonds with writing underneath.

Lil Debbie grapes tattoos
On her stomach is a bunch of grapes with a banner that reads “GRAPES”. Lil Debbie says that she thinks this was her first tattoo — but she can’t remember!

Lil Debbie Hello Kitty tattoo
On the outside of her right ankle is Hello Kitty. It was one of her favorite characters as a child, and she says “I loved Hello Kitty characters so much I had one tattooed on my shin!”.

Lil Debbie Bloody Marie tattoo
Her right ankle has “Bloody Marie” written in a swirly script font.

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