Heartbreak Tattoos

Amber Rose

Following her divorce from Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose tweaked the “Cam” tattoo on her right thumb to say “Pain.” Cam was for the rappers’s legal name Cameron Jibril Thomaz. It’s not a perfect cover-up as the bottom of the letter “P” looks a bit strange, but at least the message is fitting to the situation.

This isn’t the first time she’s had to cover an exes name — the large roses on her arm conceal the name of a high school boyfriend.

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Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann intends to cover-up this tattoo on her wrist — but not in the way that you think. She got an outline of a broken heart in red heart to represent the fact that she is incomplete because she hasn’t found her special someone.  And when she does, she’ll change the tattoo into a solid red heart. “My tattoo is not for any ex or anyone in general. It means I’m not whole until I find the person I’m gonna marry,” she tweeted. “And whenever I find him then I’ll fill the heart and be whole again.”

This was her very first tattoo, which she got on May 5th 2016 from artist Romeo Lacoste, beginning a streak of over 10 tattoos in less than a year.


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K. Michelle

R&B singer K. Michelle has a large heartbreak-themed comic book tattoo on her upper left arm. The top panel features a figure holding a torn-out heart and proclaiming “I don’t want it anymore.” The bottom panel shows a male cartoon holding up two pieces of a broken heart while a female character kneels down in tears. The speech bubble says “Umm…you can have your heart back. Sorry I broke it.” Off to the left side of the tattoo is cupid shooting an arrow while a person points a gun at him saying “Do not touch me.”

The tattoo started out as just an outline each comic–first the top, then the bottom, and lastly the left side. Later on she had the tattoo colored in and added a background of colorful clouds and red broken hearts.

Though the general theme of the tattoo is depressing, K. Michelle wrote a positive message when she shared a picture of the ink. “After every heartbreak there will be sunshine. Where there is hurt there is HEALING!” she says.

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