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Avril Lavigne has many tattoos, though most of them are small. All of her tattoos are done impulsively. She told Inked Magazine: "Everything is always spur-of-the-moment. All of my tattoos I decide that second and do it," but also added that she would like a larger tattoo at some point in the future with proper planning. "I want to get a big-ass-motherfucking tattoo on my forearm. I'm going to wait a few years and make sure I still want it then. I have to wait for that special someone to come back into my life. I want to do a big-ass heart with a flag through it with a name. I want it to be a huge experience and statement." Avril has gotten most of her tattoos as matching tattoos with friends. She has two matching tattoos with ex-husband Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41; four with her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner; and one with her current husband Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Canadian rock band Nickleback.

Avril Lavigne filled in the space between the cupcake and Let Go star on her left forearm with an American traditional style red heart, complete with an arrow shooting through it and a banner across.

It’s a matching tattoo with her boyfriend Phillip Sarofim, who got the same design on his arm just below the elbow.  Their relationship was still quite new when they got inked in April 2018.  They have kept quiet, but it is reported that she began dating Phillip, the son of Egyptian-American billionaire Fayez Sarofim, after hitting it off at a mutual friends’ dinner party a month or two earlier.

Even if their relationship doesn’t end up lasting, Avril is no stranger to having tattoos for her exes. She shares ink with both of her ex-husbands: Chad Kroeger of Nickleback and Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, as well as ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner.


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Avril Lavigne has a large rose tattoo on the outside of her left forearm.  The black and gray flower starts just below her elbow while the stem and solid black leaves stretch all the way down to her wrist.

She visited artist Michael Kortez in November 2017 to fill in some of the spaces on her left forearm.  He inked this rose and two more tattoos, a cross and a dagger, all in one session. “Finally got my arm worked on @michael_kortez killed it!!!” Avril wrote in an instagram post which she later deleted.


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Avril Lavigne added this tattoo of a switchblade knife on her left forearm in November 2017.  Knives and daggers are common tattoo motifs. We don’t know yet whether there’s a personal story behind or if it’s simply a display of toughness.  Avril has rebounded from a struggle with Lyme disease that left her bedridden for months so we already know she’s tough!


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Avril Lavigne’s days of itty-bitty tattoos are officially over. In October 2017 she tattooed a collection of astrological symbols so big that they take up her whole forearm. The symbols are:

  • ♎ – the astrological symbol of Libra
  • 🜁 – the alchemy elemental symbol for air
  • – the planetary symbol of Venus

Taken together all three symbols represent Avril’s September 27th birthday — Libra is her star sign, air is the element associated with Libra, and Venus is the ruling planet for Libra.

The Venus symbol is of course also used as a symbol for women, but that does not seem to be why Avril chose it.

The double chevrons « » are known as guillemets and are used as quotation marks in some languages. These symbols have also caught on in tattoo culture with the supposed meaning “create your own reality.” It is claimed to be a viking symbol, however there is no documentation of this usage. We believe that Avril is simply using them as quotes around the other symbols.


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Avril Lavigne has “FUCK YOU” tattooed on the side of her middle finger on her right hand. “Fuck” is her favorite word and she also has a “Fuck” tattoo on her side. It’s placement on her middle finger means that it will be shown off when flipping the bird. (more…)

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Avril Lavigne La Vie En Rose arm tattoo

Avril Lavigne’s biggest tattoo yet is the writing on her left forearm which says “La vie en Rose / Vivre le moment présent”, which is French for “Life in Pink / Living in the moment.” She got this tattoo with her husband Chad Kroeger, though they weren’t yet dating at the time. Avril and Chad were working together writing songs for her self-titled album when she suggested the tattoos. Avril told Chelsea Lately “When I met him I was really surprised that he didn’t have any tattoos, so the second day in the studio I’m like, ‘I’m so getting you your first tattoo.’” The tattoos weren’t intended to be matching — originally Avril had just the first line “La vie en Rose” and Chad had “Vivre le moment présent,” but she later added the second line in order to match his. (more…)

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In March 2011 Avril Lavigne had a safety pin tattooed on the left side of her neck. It’s not known exactly what the significance of the safety pin is, but she tweeted: “It comes in handy all the time, it can hurt you, but at the same time keep you together, safety first!” (more…)

Arvil Lavigne celebrated Deryck Whibley’s 30th birthday with him in March 2010, and the two got “30” tattooed on their wrists together. The couple had already filed for divorce but remained close friends. She had a lightning bolt tattooed right below it in April 2010 with Brody Jenner, her boyfriend at the time, who got a matching tattoo behind his ear. (more…)

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This star tattoo on the inside of Avril Lavigne’s right elbow has gone through three iterations.  At first it was a small blue star to cover a freckle.  Then in April 2008 she added a black outline while her friend Allie got a tattoo at the same time.  Finally, she had the whole tattoo filled in with black ink.

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  1. My dad told me to think thrice about getting a tattoo, and to remember that they are permanent, so whatever you choose, you will need to be able to live with it forever.

    A tattoo artist that I know now has his customers ‘try it out’ with temporary tattoos so that they can decide if it’s something that they want to make permanent.

    I think he’s smart, because he gets paid twice. He also has the tattoo printed on clear plastic, both to make it easier for the customer to visualize the tattoo before any ink is applied and to make it easier to finish the tattoo the way the customer wants in case there are any interruptions.

  2. i love avril soooooooooooooooooo damn much …… i will definitely meet her once in my whole life
    your biggest fan

  3. Avril’s tattoo’s are not art, they’r just like”living the moment”, she doesn’t care how they look. that’s a kind of high level self confidence and her way of life. I love you for this Avril!

  4. I love her tattoos! I have a star like her black one on her right forearm, but mine’s on the other side. I also have “Live In The Moment” on my right rib.