Lady Gaga’s Tattoos

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has fourteen tattoos including flowers on her hip, a German quote on her arm, and a unicorn on her thigh.

All of her tattoos are on one side of her body body out of respect for her father. Gaga says: “He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal. So I only have my tattoos on my left side. I think he sees [my right] as my Marilyn Monroe side, and he sees [my left] as my Iggy Pop side.” It may seem like an odd thing for her father to request, but Gaga explains how it came about: “I sort of naturally was doing it all on the left and then my dad sort of requested one day because I was talking about getting one on my right arm and he’s like ‘could you just keep your crazy on the left?'”

Treble Clef Tattoo

Lady Gaga treble clef tattoo

Lady Gaga’s very first tattoo was a treble clef at the center of her lower back.  Obviously music has always been a huge part of Gaga’s life.  She got this tattoo when she was only 17 years old and used a fake ID because she was underage.  She later added a large flower tattoo beside it but instead of covering the music note she kept it intact and had it touched up.

Lady Gaga’s parents have come to accept her tattoos but they weren’t always fans.  She says “when I got my first one, they like had a freakin’ heart attack!”  Gaga of couse continued to get more tattoos.  She says that when she got her next tattooI had a heart attack because I felt bad for not telling them I was gonna it. We’re really close. So I went home and I started crying and I was like ‘I really love it, I’m really sorry.'”

Daisy Tattoo

Lady Gaga daisy shoulder tattoo

Another of Lady Gaga’s earlier tattoos is this design of three daisies on her left shoulder.

Peace Sign Tattoo

Lady Gaga peace sign tattoo

Lady Gaga has a tattoo peace sign on the inside of her left wrist as a tribute to John Lennon, one of her musical idols. Lennon was a major advocate of the anti-Vietnam war movement and a believer in peace. “My peace sign…was inspired by John Lennon. I grew up two blocks from the [Strawberry Fields] Imagine memorial. It’s actually one block away from where John Lennon was assassinated. And I am a huge Beatles, John Lennon, Yoko Ono fan. So ‘give peace a chance’,” Gaga explains, referencing John Lennon’s 1969 hit solo song “Give Peace A Chance.”

The tattoo is pointed inwards towards her in order to serve as a reminder to herself. “You will notice that if you’re looking at it it’s upside down, but for me it’s right side up,” she says. “The reason I had it put kind of upside down is because I wanted it to be a reminder to me that even though I always write fun music about sequins and panties and fame and money, that I make sure to always keep in mind the important things.”

Rose Tattoo

Lady Gaga roses hip tattoo

Lady Gaga has a large tattoo of roses that sprawls from her lower back to the left side of her waist.  This tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Kat Von D back in 2008 and it was filmed for the show LA Ink. Lady Gaga had some regrets about her treble clef tattoo and its’ “tramp stamp” location, so she worked it into her side piece. “Literally this entire side piece I have is a compensation for that one tattoo,” she says.

Gaga is drawn to the feminine feeling of Kat Von D’s designs. She told Kat: “You do beautiful work. It’s really elegant and the lines are perfect.”

Toyko Love Tattoo

Lady Gaga Toyko Love tattoo

Lady Gaga got two tattoos during her trip to Japan in August 2009, one of which is “Tokyo Love” on her shoulder. Gaga got this tattoo along with a few members of the “Haus of Gaga,” her creative team of stylists and designers.  The tattoo is to commemorate a shining moment in Gaga’s career when the Haus of Gaga worked with the famous Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki on a photoshoot starring Lady Gaga.

Gaga explains: “[The tattoo] was to celebrate the Haus’s collaboration with legendary Japanese photographer Araki. I was bound by Araki’s personal bondage artist, by several ropes and Japanese knots, and through a visceral bondage and sexual-torture experience, Araki photographed me, using a series of several cameras. He did not photograph my image; he photographed my soul. We spent the night with Araki and his friends at a members’ only bar he’s owned for more than 20 years, where he displays his work. Here, he painted me and took Polaroids through the night. I was honored to be the first American woman he’s photographed, and only the second pop artist, in the company of Björk. He signed the Polaroids “Tokyo Love,” and the Haus got tattoos of his marking in celebration.”

German Tattoo

Lady Gaga German tattoo

The other tattoo which Lady Gaga got in Japan is actually written in German.  This large text on her bicep is a passage from Gaga’s favorite writer Rainer Maria Rilke, whom she describes as “a poet and romantic philosopher.” The tattoo translates to “Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?”

The quote speaks of the need to write and to Gaga it is about her need to write music.  She says: “I had this tattooed on my arm so that every single day I would be reminded that my gift is songwriting and I have to do it. It’s not an option. It’s like breathing.”

Dad Tattoo

Lady Gaga Dad tattoo

Lady Gaga’s third tattoo on her left shoulder is a tribute to her father.  It is a heart with a banner reading “dad.”  Gaga got this tattoo shortly after her father had a successful open heart surgery.  He has struggled with a heart condition for many years and Gaga was afraid that she was going to lose him.  She wrote her song “Speechless” as a plea for him to get the surgery.

When she told her father about her plans to honor him with a tattoo she says “he got all teary-eyed and he said, ‘Well, you’re running out of real estate, so don’t get it too big.'”  She announced her plans for the tattoo in October 2009 and had it done shortly after.

Little Monsters Tattoo

Lady Gaga Little Monsters tattoo

Lady Gaga permanently inked her love for her fans in February 2010 when she tattooed “Little Monsters” on her arm below her German tattoo.  Little Monsters is the name given by Gaga to her fanbase.  She got this tattoo right after the 2010 Grammy Award where she won two awards: best dance recording for “Poker Face” and electronic dance album for The Fame.  Though the Grammys are chosen by industry insiders rather than voted on by fans, Gaga still credits her fans with all of her success.  After winning the awards she tweeted “We won big tonight little monsters. I am so proud to make music 4 you. I hope I continue to inspire u the way u inspire me. You’re everything.”  She took to Twitter again to show off the tattoo with the caption “look what i did last night.  little monsters forever, on the arm that holds my mic. xx”

Unicorn Tattoo

Lady Gaga Born This Way unicorn tattoo

In September 2010, Lady Gaga tattooed a unicorn on her thigh with a banner reading “Born This Way,” the title of both her second full-length album and its lead single.  Her song “Born This Way” is about embracing one’s uniqueness and never compromising, and speaks in particular to the gay community, whom Gaga has been a vocal advocate for.  The unicorn is a symbol of rarity and uniqueness.


Lady Gaga ARTPOP Tattoo

Much like Lady Gaga got a tattoo to celebrate her album “Born This Way,” she added a new tattoo in August 2012 with the title of her album “ARTPOP.” She got the tattoo as soon as the album title was announced, though it was not released until November 6, 2013.

ARTPOP is more than just the name of her album, it’s also an expression of her life and career. “I live between two things–I live between art and pop all the time,” she says.

Anchor Tattoo

Lady Gaga anchor tattoo

Lady Gaga waited nearly two years between tattoos number 9 and 10, but only a month between 10 and 11! She revealed an anchor on her ribcage, done by Henk Schiffmacher at Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, in September 2012. “New Tat. Stamp of His Mermaid,” she wrote.

Cherub Tattoo

Lady Gaga's cherub head tattoo

On September 13th, 2012, Lady Gaga got a cherub tattooed on the back of her head live at her fragrance launch. Taking place at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, Lady Gaga changed into lingerie and tattoo artist Michael Mahoney inked a renaissance cherub on the back of her head inside of a giant perfume bottle. She prepared for the tattoo by shaving a triangle shape into her hair, but let the hair grow over the tattoo a few months later.

RIO Tattoo

Lady Gaga's R†O Tattoo

On November 10th, 2012, Lady Gaga headed to a tattoo parlor in Rio de Janeiro to get “R†O” tattooed on the left side of her head, behind her left ear. This tattoo is for her fans, and the font is three different fans’ signatures. Tweeting about her tattoo, she said:

R†O. Monsters, all over the world you continue to inspire me everyday, your like an endless ocean of possibilities.

…”the font was derived out of the signatures of three fans, all from different neighborhoods and ages. Represents how music brings us 2gether.

Mouse Tattoo

Lady Gaga mouse tattoo

Lady Gaga got a tattoo of a mouse on her elbow in August 2013 in honor of her younger sister Natali Germanotta who is a student at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. Gaga chose a mouse because Natali was called “mouse” as a child. The details of the tattoo are also relevant to her sister’s life–the mouse is holding a needle and thread to symbolize Natali’s love of fashion design and the thread below the mouse’s feet spells out her nickname “Nat.”

Gaga explained the tattoo on her website: “Got it for Nat, my sister and original hoodrat, her name was always mouse and I am loopy. Needle represents her passion for fashion design. I love her more than anything, she inspired me.”

Future Tattoos

Lady Gaga has mentioned many ideas for possible future tattoos including “Free Bitch” from her song “Bad Romance,” a Monster paw, “Mother Monster,” and a cross with a heart in the center like the artwork of her single “Judas.” However she will definitely put more thought into any tattoo idea since she says “It’s all about pacing yourself because I’m running out of real estate on my left side.”

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  1. Gaga. I love your strength and spirit. Your music is very inspirational and touches such feeling. You are not all glam and money oriented. You are REAL!!! And I LOVEthat about you.

  2. I am a big fan of lady gaga and i would really like to see her on stage. When i am older i mite get a tattoo the same as lady gaga.

  3. All of Lady Gaga’s tattoos have their own special Meaning TO HER it doesn’t matter how many she has cuz each of them have a special meaning ❤️ U Mother Monster xxxx

  4. Oh yeah, let’s care about this plain looking self obsessed self absorbed artiste that’s only claim to fame is a great message about self love, really pushing fashion forward with her stupid creations that an obsequious tasteless public laps up pablum like at the alter of the Madonna derivative imitatrix, yeah tattooing a poem in German cause its so deep to use the language the poet originally used, omg, no one can read it, she’s so intellectual, hey NBC: Rilke meant poets and writers, not wannabe songwriters penning mindless dance floor grinds about doing you in the bathroom, also, the whole point of Rilke is if she were really meant to write she wouldn’t need a tattoo to remind her of it, freaking idiot!

    • It’s her tattoos & they mean something to her & who cares if nobody can read the German one? U didn’t put it on her & It’s on HER body, not urs so keep ur opinions to yourself & don’t bring an amazing singer & person like GaGa down like that

    • Go to hell, please, and send me a postcard from there…. GaGa has an amazing voice, you music retard. If you cannot speak German it doesn’t mean that anyone else can’t do it, you ignorant.

    • Gee, it looks as if SOMEONE had to pull out their thesaurus in order to use BIG BOY/GIRL words!!Next time, just use regular , everyday words so “the little people” can understand you too. An added benefit to that would be that you wouldn’t sound like such a friggin CUNT either…

    • Hey just so you know, your entire post is irrelevant because it’s based on you apparently know more about that poet than Gaga. Which is obviously wrong because you said that no one can read German and people actually can. Such a shock I know, but some people learn German as their first language and some people learn German later on and are multi lingual. So I really don’t think you know more about a German poet thanks for trying though.

    • Dave you made me think, although I like her music. You make some good points. And I had to look up “obsequious” so you are an educator too. To achieve a level of pop success you have to have an over inflated sense of self, don’t cha think? I admit I am a tasteless member of the public at the alter, she is fun in- a better than Madonna derivative way. Madonna 2.0, but she seems to want to evolve from that. But the tats are cheesy, I agree.

  5. This is the full translation from Rilke’s book that is tattooed on Lady Gaga’s arm:

    “Nobody can give you advice and help you. Nobody. There’s only one way. Go within yourself. Explore the cause that compels you to write; examine whether it plunges its roots into the deepest part of your heart. Admit to yourself whether you would have to die if you were kept from writing. Above all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: “do I absolutely have to write?” Dig within yourself for a deep answer. And if the answer is affirmative, if you can counter this grave question with a strong and simple “I must,” then build your life according to this need. ”

    Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, translation Ulrich Baer

  6. Um…She has 13 according to what you showed and explained to us…I went back and counted…here, I’ll do it again…yup, 13.

    • Uhhhh rude gaga is a big insperation to me and may I add U don’t have the tattoo now do you. Noooooo so
      leave gaga alone


      • You’re a fuckin retard. She wasn’t being mean, she was merely saying that she didn’t like it. So, get outta here, bitch, and quit trying to be an asshole. No one has time for dipshits like you, so go fuck your self with your bitchy-ass comment. It’s scum like you that give GaGa fans the willies.

  7. I want a little pink and turquoise tattoo on my wrist or toe so bad but hubby refuses. Gee I though when I grew up I’d be my own boss.

  8. you should put singer Charice’s tattoos. she has only 5 or 6 but they are all pretty big and have deep meanings. they’re really beautiful too. :)

    • I got My first tattoo in 1991 of Sniffles the drunk mouse. It was bad ink mixed with a lot of alcohol which was me at the time almost crashing into walls with a ride or die mentation today I have found some serenity most days. I love her creativity and at least her bad ink has lead to some amazing stories and has made her into the icon she is. I later was grateful for an opportunity for new ink and amazing artist and chose something that was not at all a quick thought but something truly meaningful and have tried to live by the new tattoo that has stuck that has led to much more gentle and graceful growth and moments in life that have brought great happiness. We should all be hopeful to find meaning living ever changing and grateful in life for the ride all of it start to finish. If we turn our back on the bad ink and crazy times we denounce too how far we have come to find the learning lesson never stop and keeps us ever evolving and humble. I love that Lady Gaga is such a brilliant, fierce and Versatile artist.

  9. The only way I would get a tattoo would be if Gaga drew a picture or anything she likes on my arm and signed it. I would then go and have a tattoo artist go over it to make it permanent. Wish me luck.

      • such as many others, you confuse temporary modifications with permanent ones.
        people who permanently “decorate” their temple are retarded. i thought gaga was more intelligent than that.

        • So in retrospect, what you are trying to say is that “temporary” modifications carry the same motive as permanent modifications? Which is to presumably make ourselves feel better about our looks?

          Except makeup (an example of perhaps your idea of a temporary modification) probably doesn’t carry the motive to appeal to others sense of judgment but to express ourselves, which is in fact, probably more vain than getting a tattoo.

          I’m not covered in tattoos, and I would only get one if it truly meant something to me.

          Well done on calling people with tattoos “retarded” also, a real display of your intelligence right there.

    • NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Goddamn fucking NO!!! He is such a horrible person, if any of his tattoos have meaning they probably mean something like “The first nite I went out wit tha boyzz and got PLASTERED, so I got this stupid tattoo…”