Katy Perry’s Tattoos

Katy Perry has eight small tattoos:

  1. Jesus on her wrist
  2. a strawberry on her ankle
  3. Sanskrit on her arm
  4. a peppermint on her ankle
  5. a lotus flower on her wrist
  6. a cherry blossom on her ankle
  7. Hello Kitty's face on her finger
  8. Superbowl number on her finger

Katy Perry has gotten a tattoo for each of her albums when she’s near the end of her touring cycle. With Witness: The Tour winding down, she finally got her Witness tattoo on August 17, 2018, a few days before the end of the six-continent world tour that started back in September 2017.

Her previous three tattoos — a strawberry, a peppermint, and a prism — have all been on her ankles and have all had a very similar style, turning symbols from the album into colorful cartoon characters with cutesy eyes. But everything is different with this tattoo: different tattoo artist, different body part, and a completely different design style.

She flew Los Angeles-based artist Dr Woo out to Sydney Australia to tattoo herself and many members of her crew. He is known for his intricate fine-line designs, and he applied his signature style to this tattoo. Katy had said a while ago that her Witness tattoo would likely be “some form of an eye,” and Dr Woo’s design is that, but there’s also a lot more going on in it.

The pupil of the eye has a ring around it to look like a planet and the white parts of the eye are drawn with architectural curved lines through them. The whole design has a very outer space feel, looking almost like a spaceship or a satellite, which is reinforced by the twinkling star above it. But the eye also has a little teardrop in the corner.

Katy chose an eye for her tour tattoo since eyes have been the most prominent symbol of her Witness era. The album cover features Katy with an eye in her mouth and eye motifs have been used for her stage backdrops and costumes. The elongated eye shape of her tattoo, with the whites separated from the iris, is copied directly from the eye-shaped video screens behind the stage.

The Saturn-like planet in her tattoo is also inspired by the tour’s stage art. Katy performed the song “Thinking of You” each night while flying through the air on top of a planet.

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Katy Perry continued her tradition of getting tattoos for each of her albums by getting this Prism tattoo in March 2015. In each case she has turned a motif from the album into a cutesy cartoon face complete with eyelashes.  She has a strawberry for One of the Boys, a peppermint candy for Teenage Dream, and now a rainbow-colored triangular prism for Prism. The adorable design was created by tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

“I always bring Bang Bang in for my most special tattoos—the ones my touring team and I get at the end of a tour to commemorate another successful journey together. Each time, he’s created the definitive symbol of that era of my life.”

She pays Bang Bang to join her on tour for weeks at time so that he can tattoo her whole crew and entourage. It’s important to her that everyone involved with the planning and production of the tour has the opportunity to get inked because the tattoos are a bond that they share. She told The Project:

“It comes towards the end of the tour because it’s kind of the payoff. We’re all like ‘we’ve done 100-plus shows, let’s shed some blood together’ we do it as like a family thing.  It’s to commemorate.”

The Prismatic World Tour lasted for well over a year with 149 shows in six continents from May 2014 to October 2015.  Although the tattoo marks the successful completion of the Prism album cycle, the tour wasn’t over when she got inked at the end of the European leg in March 2015. After a few weeks at home, she went back on the road for her final shows in Asia and Latin America.


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Katy Perry got this tattoo of the Roman numeral XLIX, which represents the number 49, following her halftime show appearance at Superbowl XLIX.  Katy performed a medley of her greatest hits and introduced the world to the iconic “left shark” dancer during a rendition of “Teenage Dream.” Superbowl 49 took place on February 1, 2015 and Katy got the tattoo only a few hours after the show as part of her night of celebration. (more…)

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Katy Perry has a tattoo of Hello Kitty’s head on the side of her right middle finger. The timing of the tattoo celebrates significant birthdays for both Katy and the cartoon cat. It was done on October 30th 2014, the first day of the Hello Kitty Con which celebrates the characters’s 40th anniversary — Hello Kitty’s official birthday is on November 1st. Katy turned 30 years old a few days prior on October 25th. “OMG HELLO KITTY IS A SCORPIO TOO ILY!!!” she tweeted. (more…)

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Katy Perry peppermint tattoo

In November 2011, Katy Perry tattooed a smiling cartoon peppermint candy on the inside of her right ankle to match the strawberry on her other ankle. While the strawberry represents One Of The Boys, the peppermint represents her candy-themed Teenage Dream album cycle and California Dreams Tour. The album cover has “Teenage Dream” written in a peppermint font. Katy also has a few peppermint stage outfits, and she wore one of them while she had the tattoo done.

The Sun reports that 50 members of Katy’s tour team also got the tattoo. Tattoo artist Bang Bang traveled with the tour for a week doing all of the tattoos. Katy took the gun herself to give Bang Bang a tattoo of the same peppermint design on his leg. At the same time, her then-husband Russell Brand got a tattoo for soccer team West Ham United on his arm. (more…)

Katy Perry lotus tattoo

Katy Perry got a tiny outline of a lotus flower tattooed on her wrist in January 2012.

Katy has not yet spoken to the press about this tattoo, so we can only speculate about its symbolism. Lotus flowers have many traditional meanings including purity, beauty, and detachment. Katy got the tattoo right around the time of her divorce from Russell Brand, so it would seem that the tattoo represents her newfound clarity after their separation. (more…)

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Katy Perry sanskrit tattoo

In June 2010, Katy Perry and her then-fiancé Russell Brand got matching tattoos on the inside of their right biceps. The tattoo says “Anuugacchati Pravaha” which means “Go with the flow” in Sanskrit.
Sanskrit is an ancient language from India, a country with special significance to the couple. Russell proposed to Katy in December 2009 while they were vacationing in Jaipur, India. The couple were married in India in October 2010 with a traditional Hindu ceremony. After just over a year of marriage, they filed for divorce on January 2012. (more…)

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Katy Perry strawberry tattoo

Katy Perry tattooed a smiling strawberry on the inside of her left ankle in July 2009. Before getting the tattoo, she tweeted “Thinking about getting my second tattoo tonight! I wanna get a cartoon-ish strawberry to celebrate this amazeballs past 15 months.” Afterwards she posted a picture of the fresh ink and wrote “My new little friend… what shall be her name?”

Katy Perry got this tattoo to commemorate the success of her album One Of The Boys. She used inflatable strawberries as a prop on stage throughout her “Hello Katy” world tour and fruit motifs also appeared in her costumes and accessories. Speaking of the success of the album, Katy said “This past year and a half has been insane. I’m happy I’ve survived it. I really feel like this record really super-ceded my expectations. It’s been amazing. I didn’t think I would be all around the world in one year…I’ve just had so much success with this record beyond what I planned. You’re never really ready for this type of thing, and getting a tattoo would kind of be like to remember the first time.” (more…)

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Katy Perry Jesus tattoo

Katy Perry’s oldest tattoo is “Jesus” written on her left wrist, which she got when she was 18. Katy comes from a religious family and her parent are both evangelical ministers. She grew up listening to only gospel music and released her own gospel album under her real name Katy Hudson in 2001.

Katy got this tattoo as a constant reminder of her religious upbringing, which will always be a part of her. In 2009 she told Katie Couric “I knew I wanted this on me because no matter how much changes around me or how much I change, there’s not really an eraser for this.” She says that when she plays the guitar, “It stares right back at me. It’s like ‘remember, you came from this, and you can always go back to it.'”

Katy has not spoken much about her current religious beliefs, but it seems that this tattoo is mostly about how she has been shaped by her past. “I think I’m not exactly what I was born into, but I still have my roots,” she says. “I appreciate it, and I respect it to the fullest.” Katy has clashed with her religious parents over her partying and songs about kissing girls, but they remain generally supportive of her career. (more…)

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  1. You all just need to get over yourselves, Katy Perry is an amazing singer and she can do what ever she wants with her life. Just because she is a famous person doesn’t mean you all can come on here and be rude about what she decides to do with her life so stop posting stupid messages that are ridiculous because you are just making yourself look stupid so when you can finally stop bitchin* about Katy And every other famous person don’t post anything

  2. Her parents must be heartbroken that she has chosen to reject the truth of the Gospel, and instead follow the broad road to destruction. Imagine rejecting truth for the lies of a false religion. To have been raised with the truth and then embrace a lie is like spitting in His face, as well as her parents.

    Her parents are likely seeing many people get saved after hearing the Gospel … but as satisfying as that is, it would still be heartbreaking to see your own daughter choose the darkness over the light.

    For what does it profit a woman to gain the whole world, yet lose her soul?

    Shame on you for dishonouring your parents in this way. Honoring them is a command, not a suggestion. You are a role model for how young ladies are never to dress or act.

  3. She actually has 8 tattoos. You’re forgetting her SUPERBOWL tattoo on her middle finger. “XLIX” there’s a picture of it on her instagram.

  4. *8 small tattoos! she just got XLIX inked on the side of a finger which represents her halftime show performance at Super Bowl XLIX! (:

  5. Make tattoo, make love, marry and then divorce within a year. This is what our young generation have to look up to in their ‘stars’. I love Katy Perry but young people have to see their life critically. Just saying.

  6. Just an FYI. The Sanskrit tattoo actually says “Anugacchatu pravah” not “Anugacchati pravah”. “Anugacchatu pravah” would mean go with the flow. “Anugacchati pravah” would mean goes with the flow.

      • Its an ancient (dead) language, certainly not spoke in India, though many other asian languages (including hindi, bangla, thai) have their roots in sanskrit.

        • It is not spoken in daily life but it is taught up to class 10 in almost every state of India. One may opt for further studies. so not dead. Also all the rituals and religious ceremonies are performed using Sanskrit in hindi language speaking states

    • Shouldn’t this be “Anugacchatu pravaham”. Trying to recollect from my Grade 10 Sanskrit :-)
      The dot above the last character would add “am” in the end.

    • you mean the fundi religion that is ‘nutty’. (aren’t they all?) the one that pushed for prohibition? Where prohibition caused more deaths, disrespect for the law, eroded respect for region as a whole, created organized crime, corrupted law enforcement, court systems and politics. Changed drinking habits for the worse. Prevented treatment of drinking problems, a time that was economically extremely expensive. That evangelical religion?.. ah. Katy is smart.. sees through the BS.

      • Oh your not talking about the utopia of athesim called communism ? That is responsible for more wars than Christianity and those that follow Jesus. Your talking religion and man made governments.

  7. uhm, they’re cute, but this summer i’ll kick your ass with my new tatto: infinite with an anchor and the script “i refuse to sink”. kiss my ass.

  8. That’s so true, you are so right Stephen! I agree. Seriously people… Those are specials meanings to her, find your own specials meanings instead of copying. Just try to imagine you getting a tattoo that means a lot you and someone copy it just because he/she likes it. I bet you wouldn’t be happy about it, would you?

    • Vicky, I couldn’t agree more with your last statement. My husband has 5 tattoos, and his step-sisters like the one on his left arm of a purple moon, which is actually symbolic to him, so they all have the plan of getting the same tattoo when they turn 18, just in different colors. This bothers him so much, but they always tell him “So? We like it, so we’re going to get matching ones.” They just don’t understand what it means to him.

      Similarly, my buddy has 20 tattoos. Some are silly, some aren’t. My absolute favorite tattoo of his is of a feather with a key, but I’m not going to copy it because it doesn’t hold any meaning to me. However, once my husband’s step-sister saw his tattoos, she instantly started naming off all the ones on his arms that she’s “going to get” when she’s 18.

      • Everyone has other interests now. At my school everyone is 11, 12,& 13 year olds. No one likes Katy Perry anymore. Durring the summer break from 4th grade everyone loved her. Now it’s 2013 everyone in interested in other singers like One Direction. Not trying to be mean or anything. Just saying.

        • Ha.. you’re so wrong. Wait till you’re outta middle school. Katy Perry has always had an older, more mature fan base. She will be releasing new songs this summer, and then you will start to see her fan base pop up again. One Direction will be gone soon haha. Their new album didn’t do as well as the first one. Like you said, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying. Katy will be here a long time regardless of what little middle schoolers think ;)

          • I couldn’t agree more with the above statement. Katy Perry is more adult and mature fan based than middle schoolers. I saw her in concert in Tulsa. AMAZING!!! To say the least. I think she will be iconic in music for decades. One direction is “just a phase”

        • personally I wont let my 6yr old watch her videos and I listen to the music before she (kiddo) does simply because Katy IS adult related. I personally love Katy. She has a great voice! Some of her music is inspiring…example RoaR…Lakewood High School all got together! it was totally awesome!

          • I let my 5 & 8 yr old boys watch her Part of me tour on foxrel & we are all going to her brisbane show.. She truly is one of a kind. At least she actually sings the songs and doesnt fake it.

            So Me & my family think she is Awesome

      • Are they all that thick they need a tattoo to remind them of a life long mantra or dramatic moment? Whats wrong with just remembering it, not wasting the money and not looking like a dick head?

    • It would make me reall angry I had a beautiful tattoo that meant something to me and my sis decided she was going to get it just because she liked the look of it.

  9. Well she’s not a great singer but her songs are catchy I guess and she seems nice so I can understand why she has so many fans. But I think it’s scary that many of you want tattoos like hers, especially ‘go with the flow’. It is special to her but half of you I’m sure don’t even know what the phrase means. I think ppl should get tattoos that mean something to them not just to copy a singer that you might not like anymore in 5 or 10 years. Just saying copying is ok if you can live with it the rest of your life.

      • The bible also says you shouldn’t wear mixed fabrics. Are you absolutely certain you have no polyester & cotton blends in your closet?
        I personally don’t like tattoos, but hers are generally very small so I don’t mind them too much. With so many pop icons today that are covered with so many tattoos they scarcely look human anymore, I have to say Katy Perry is refreshing. She even wrote a song about how Christ helped her through a particularly difficult part of her life and it has done quite well on the charts. Unfortunately she has also written songs filled with foul language and too many of her songs seem to be about sex, but I just have to make sure I buy the g-rated versions of her music. I don’t mind a bit that she is my 11 year-old’s favourite singer. Most definitely better her rather than someone like Marilyn Manson!

  10. […] We first gawked at the, er, kinetic lingerie during a screening of Perry’s new docu-flick, “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” which shows the 27-year-old singer performing on her 2011 tour in a shiny candy-inspired outfit complete with twirling peppermint candy-shaped pasties. (FYI, Perry also has the peppermint logo tattooed on her ankle.) […]

  11. […] We first gawked at the, er, kinetic lingerie during a screening of Perry’s new docu-flick, “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” which shows the 27-year-old singer performing on her 2011 tour in a shiny candy-inspired outfit complete with twirling peppermint candy-shaped pasties. (FYI, Perry also has the peppermint logo tattooed on her ankle.) […]

  12. It sucks that Katy & Russel are not together anymore, now they both have constant reminders of what didnt last, HOWEVER i love all of the tatoos and they hold meaning which is even more amazing!!! <3

  13. I LOVE her tattoos! Especially the strawberry & peppermint! She is one of the only celebs who has tats that I like!

  14. My tattoo was stolen from a kid my freshman year of college named Zak. He had lyed down on the floor in a t-shirt & his sleeves came down & he had two different tribal bands on each arm & I thought it was cool u could tattoo jewerly onto ur skin & not have to put it on. So I guess it’s a ring really but for what I don’t know. I then went home & used Cadkey drafting software in 2d to come up with a flat design I wanted. When I threw away the box of folders on wembly drive the orignal scotch taped together template was in it. But anyways I wanted the lines as thin as possible to reflect the delicay of the art & how fragile EVERYTHING in life, especially art truly is. So I went to Capital Tattoos in Silver Spring & listened to Allen Coe while the artist told me he had to beef up the lines & couldn’t do the fine ones I’d choosen. I passed out & sesured in the middle of it & ate peanut m&ms in the middle of the tattoo to regain concisness. It was a badge of honor when the wound is fresh & u know what U designed will be bold. I want a 6 on my neck bad.

  15. The Sanskrit tattoo is nice but Sanskrit is not spoken anywhere. It use to be spoken in India but it is no longer a spoken language. Too bad hers matches Russell Brand’s tattoo.

  16. hi, i would just like to point out that she has got ANOTHER tattoo that isnt mentioned on this website.. she got it done few weeks before her and russell decided to get divorced.. awkies

  17. Parabens ketty sua tatuagen escrita Jesus mostra de onde vem suas origens e de onde vem seu talento . somente Deus poderia te dar esse talento de cantar tao bem … parabens…

  18. I actually do love her tatto’s. She’s young, funny, and outgoing. Her tatto’s definitely reflect that, especially the strawberry. Oh, and also, for all the commenters here who say “i don’t like her tatto’s, they’re stupid, etc..” Those obviously have meaning to her and SHE chose to get them. Not you. They aren’t yours. Are they really bothering you? Get over it and stop being so judgemental.

    • ” She’s young, funny, and outgoing. Her tatto’s definitely reflect that, especially the strawberry. ” And when she gets old she will get ones to reflect that ? Goes to show you don’t need brains to have money.

      • It just means her body will have meaning and her life written all over her body. So fuck off and find an original answer.

  19. what a shame… The sanskrit’s gone a bit wrong there:

    anuugacchati pravaha = अनूगच्छति प्रवाह

    her tattoo says anugacchatu pravaha… ~Oh well…

  20. I love Katy!!! She is an insporation to me!(:<3 #1Fan(: And cassie you need to get a life and start figureing out good music and pure beauty!<3 Love you Katy Perry!!!(:<3

  21. Katy I love you literally more than anything in existence. You are unquestionably the sexiest human in history, the most talented female artist of our generation, have a really good sense of humor AND an incredible personality. I’d kill just to be with you. Russell Brand is the luckiest male alive because he has you….. I wish I was your husband…..

  22. Not a big fan of her tattoos. The strawberry is cute, but not something I’d want permanently tattooed on my body. Just my opinion.

  23. Whoever says my girl Katy isnt inspiring must not have listened to the teenage dream album.. Teheh she inspired me to do lots of great things soo suck it

  24. her tatos are amaxing the strawberry one is CuTe!!You ROCK Katy Perry you are my #1 favorite singer loves <3

  25. I was soo thinking the same thing about jesus i am also going to put the fish signal thing on the back of my right shoulder

  26. I love Katy Perry & her music!!!!!!!!!!!!!But her tattoos is the best!!!! I will have some tatoos like they.Congratulations Katy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my exemplar!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3 : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  27. i love the one that says jesus on it. its so weard, my cousin has a tat like the strawbery smiling and cool at the same time!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Woah. Katy is so pretty! I luv her tatoos!! The strawberry one is so cute..I dont get the one on her biceps..i hab no idea wat tht means..but i LOVE The Jesus one:)!

  29. I love katy perry and i want to grow up and be jsut like her. she is my idol and she is most deffinately an inspiration!! i listen to her songs everryday cause i relate to almost all of them. shes AWESOME beautiful sexy and i want to meet her SOO* bad. i love all of her tattoos and especially the strwberry one i think its soo cute!! <3

  30. I am very proud of her putting the Jesus tatoo on her wrist. Go girl not a thing wrong for giving honor where honor is due.

  31. to me katy is one of the best people ever! she is a real inspiration to me and i love her so much.I love the meanings of her tatoos and loveing the nails;also love the outfits even though they aren’t shown. Katy is amazing!!! xxx

  32. To Cassie: You actually have your own opinion and in my opinion katy perry ROCKKSS!!!! and you suck cassie(: not katy perry you!

    • They may say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I don’t think that holds true with tattoos. I know several people who would feel insulted if someone copies their tattoos. Don’t get a tattoo just because you think it’s cute at the time; if you must get a tattoo, get one that holds special meaning for you. That way you will never tire of it. Now that Katy and Russell are divorced, I’m sure it won’t be long before she heads in to have her matching tattoo removed or at the very least alters it someway to make it her own.

  33. katy parry has awesome tattoos. Her music video fireworks everytime i hear it i feel like getting up and dancing to it all the time.

  34. The Jesus tatoo is because her parents were Christian pastors and when she was a child she was only allowed to sing Gospel songs. It’s just a tribute to where her career started and I guess her belief system. (:

  35. hiya i love you tattoos
    they are so cute
    every on e loves them
    my dad is a tattoos in mothewell in glasgow
    and someone came in for that strewberry and it was real real nice xxxx
    i love your nails
    i would love to meat you i love singing
    i have been singing sinces i was 8 years old and i have my own songs

  36. I like Katy’s music and I think she’s hot, however… I don’t know what there is “inspirational” about her. I guess if you aspire to be a singer, (especially if you’re a woman who wants to make dance/pop music like hers), then I could see it, but if you’re just a fan, then I’m curious as to just what she is inspiring you to do or be, and how is she doing that for you? …Or are people simply saying “she’s so inspiring” as a nice thing to say about her to show how much they like her?

  37. Not sure what is going on with the Jesus tattoo. I would hope that she believes He is her Savior. That doesn’t take away from her individuality or fun personality. Face it. We need some things to govern how we live. She’s a smart one…

  38. love the inner arm tattoo. my grandmother had something similar when she was alive. same position on arm too. it was an arabic prayer.

  39. She’s a great singer, and has gorgeous eyes, but she’s no reason to hate yourself because you don’t like her.

    I also don’t understand why people would get the tattoos she has. They’re her individual pieces, who wants to be a copy or clone? You should want something of your own, be original, not a copy cat. Cute berry, yes, but why get it just because she has it? And do you really want to have a tattoo that tons of girls now have?

    Should her marriage to Brand fail (here’s hoping it doesn’t!) she may herself regret getting a tattoo that is just like his. So what’s to say you all won’t someday no longer like her, or her music, but still have that tattoo almost permanently stuck on you?

    Laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. ;)

  40. I love the go with the flow I was seriously considering getting it but I don’t want to copy her exactly would be lme would it not? Strawberry one is awesome wish I could pull that off.

  41. Omgg im in love with her jesus tattoo!!!!! i want one soo bad now.. shes soo gorgeous i love her! i love her vintage style ;) and also love alll her songss!

    love you katyy!! mwahh :D

  42. Sad, I really hope you’re being sarcastic. No one should want to die because they don’t look like a celebrity. Yes, she’s beautiful, but how does that reflect on your worth as a human being?

    The Jesus tat makes me want to gag, but I will forgive her because I chose to believe she got it while still brainwashed by her father. Hopefully she is thinking for herself these days.

  43. hmm i really can’t say katy isn’t inspiring because to me she is. she’s gone so far in such short time and that is trully inspiring. There is no need to say she sings bad or she’s pathetic or any of that cuz she’s just very talented in some way, plus everyone is free to express themselves and to have their own opinions, right? so “KATYSUCKS” keep your own fuckin opinion to yourself, if your so fuckin mad at the world why even bother talking? lol; you’re trully pathetic :) haha…oh and about the us “getting an education” part, why don’t you go ahead and get one yourself? maybe you wouldn’t be waisting your time writing comments for katy perry’s pictures with a “katysucks” name…idiot:) oh and we can put as many fucking happy faces as we want:):):):) what can you possibly do about it? lol
    anyway…katy perry, you’re awesome(:

  44. she makes me upset. she’s really attractive, and that’s why i hate her. because i am jealous of her. and i just want to die when i see that i don’t look like her. the fact that she is that thin with naturally large breasts causes me physical pain from jealousy.

    the fact that people consider her inspiring, honestly, makes me nervous about the worlds future.

  45. The strawberry is cute, but I wouldnt get one. The glow with the flow is nice, but I think the bicep is not the best place to put it. The wrist or the ankle wouldve looked better. & I LOVE KATY, so katysycks STFU :)

  46. i love the Jesus one. the strawberry one is cute, too, and the Go With The Flow one is awesome, too. :) i agree with rachelvictoria <3. katy is VERY inspirational. =)

  47. i AM katys number one fan. you dont even knoww. shes so gorgeous (: and i love her tats! the strawberry is so cute! i want the go with the flow one on my arm aswel.
    ; god love katy perry, she is an inspiration to all ♥

    • You swear (blaspheme the name of God) breaking the 3rd commandment while claiming you want a tattoo of Jesus? That won’t help you on judgement day.