Ashley Tisdale’s Tattoos

Ashley Tisdale currently has 6 tattoos. Her tattoos are:

  1. "Believe" on her back
  2. "fearless" in a wing on her wrist
  3. "jamais seule" on her foot
  4. a star on her wrist
  5. Sanskrit writing on her elbow
  6. infinity symbol on her wrist

In September 2011, Ashley Tisdale went with best friend Vanessa Hudgens to get tattooed by Bang Bang – who’s also inked the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry. They didn’t opt for matching tattoos, instead Ashley got “jamais seule” tattooed on her foot, which is a French phrase meaning “never alone”, and Vanessa got the “Om” symbol on her hands. Ashley got the tattoo carefully placed so that it shows even when she is wearing heels.

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  1. I have 4 piercings and 5 tattoos so what stop judging people, the only person that can judge me or them is God

  2. Okay I have 12 tattoos and there is nothing wrong with being your self and if you don’t want any INK that is cool but only GOD can judge you!!!!!!! So those out there that don’t have any INK don’t judge those who do. I mean come on people who have piercings all over don’t catch hell and us that do have tattoos we are bad people and guess what there are Christian people who do have tattoos so just don’t judge books by the cover is all I have to say

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  4. Okay, where’s the tasteful part? Got us to look, na na!! We’re lucky our “fads” were short skirts and funky clothes and herbage. If you guys only knew how it looks, marking up the whole body. It’s really like saying, I hate my real body, or look at me–I need attn, aren’t I cool now? (Doctors are great for that, and better!!) Sorry–think it through first. Expensive and painful to remove. : ) A body is hot without the ink too? lol Barbara Walters was interviewing Angelina Jolie once. Angelina was saying how they all meant something great that happened to her, in her life. Barbara said, don’t you have paper? I’m not even close to uncool or unhip. But you can use a journal and the right friends. It’ll fill the space a tattoo fills? Nothing is more beautiful than a woman or man’s body, just like it is. I can’t believe you need pictures on someone’s body to enjoy each other? Food for thought… Happy New Year, my brothers and sisters. Peace

  5. I’m a tattoo artist and therefore obviously have quite a few of them myself. The advertisement for this article, “tattoos can be tasteful” is frankly offensive, particularly considering that these tattoos are wholly generic and lack any sort of art to them. Tattoos are a beautiful medium of expression if done by the right artist, and true artwork is always “tasteful”.
    A person’s body is their own concern, and your judgement of the tattooed community is outdated and offensive.

  6. anyone who has even 1 tattoo is a dork, idiot, and has something mentally wrong with them for staining, and blemishing their body permanently :\

    • Tattooed folks don’t judge you for NOT having tattoos. Not really any of your business what others do to THEIR OWN body.

      • Yes, they do… And this is a place for comment? Opinions, like yours? Pierced ears are cool AND ATTRACTIVE, and can be closed up, with no money or pain involved. :) Pierced ears on a woman, will most certainly not keep her from the job of her dreams either!!! Peace

        • There’s a massive flaw in your argument there… surely the job of one’s dreams doesn’t involve working for bigots?

          By the very nature of your example, you’re turning a desirable job into one an intelligent person would turn down in a second.

    • Fucktard, that’s why its called ‘Laser removal’. Yes it will hurt like fuck, but they might as well remove the stain with a bit of pain! Sometimes, people want to add ink to their bodies, not because they’re idiots, fools or dorks, it’s because THEY CAN. Just go do something useful instead of judging celebrities for doing what they fucking want. Motherfucker!!!!!

    • Stfu dude, I have 4 piercings and 5 tattoos and that doesn’t make me an idiot and I don’t care if people judge me or not