The blue and pink clouds connect Cassadee Pope’s forearm tattoos on the front side, but there is still some empty space between on the back of her arm. She added the clouds in October 2010, but has had the original bird and banner tattoo since August 2009. It says “BND” for the “Believers Never Die” tour on which her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy. (more…)

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In August 2009 Cassadee Pope got another bird with a banner reading “BND” on the opposite side of her arm from the first. “BND” stands for “Believers Never Die.” Cassadee got this tattoo after her band Hey Monday opened for Fall Out Boy on the Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux in April and May of 2009. (more…)

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Cassadee Pope’s second tattoo was a yellow smiley face on her right hand below her index finger. This tattoo is in honor of her deceased great grandfather, whom she called “happy” when she was young because she could not pronounce his real nick-name “pappy.” The performance which landed her band Hey Monday their record deal was on his birthday, and Cassadee got this tattoo as a result. In her own words: “The smiley face was from when we showcased for Columbia and it was on my great grandpa’s birthday. And I used to call him “pappy,” but when I was really young I couldn’t say “pappy” I called him “happy.” And we ended up getting signed, so I know he’s looking after us.” (more…)

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All of Cassadee Pope’s tattoos are located on her right forearm. Her first tattoo was a bird with a banner of music notes coming out of its mouth, which represents her passion for music. She got this tattoo the day after she turned 18. “All my tattoos refer to my love for music,” she says. “I know I’ll never regret them because music is my life.” (more…)

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  1. Cassadee honestly wanted to get the ink that she knew she had to live with so its her decision on what she got let it be

  2. I think she is hot either with or without tatoos.
    I would love to see those birds fly up and down while she jacks me off. Casadee,pull my pp!

    • Your tattoos have a great meaning cassadee I love your songs and you sing so Beautufully ….. I have 4 tattoos and mine have meanings to all of them too I hope to see you in concert one day… I think it would be fun my girlfriend loves you alot …. Until next time I pray that got blesses you in many ways …….

  3. the picture won’t come up on my 3ds but i probably won’t like them. anyway all you whores do so what the fuck ever!!!!!!!!! i don’t pasificly like tatts but you know. im sorry for cussing i was just mad it dident come up. bye :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. I don’t know if it just me but I LOVE her tattoos. I think they all tie in very well together and all mean something to her. They are all quite “Cassadee”.

    On a sidenote, I love her everything. Her face, her smile, her voice, her personality…HER! :)

  5. I really love Cassadee’s style. its really rockin’
    and she’s very cute and she has really nice name.. and her voice is awesome
    Btw I love her SMILE tattoo

  6. It doesnt really matter what anyone thinks about HER tattoos. I dont like or dislike the chick her tattoos mean something to her and thats really all that matters. i have tattoo that stands for a band and everyone thinks its stupid because im not in the band but it doesnt mean that their music hasnt affected me. doest effin matter xD

  7. I really don’t like these… I mean I like the design but I think they are all too crammed together and she should have spaced them out more… And I think the BND bird looks mad haha

  8. I love her tattoos! Each one has a meaning toit and all of you should repect that. It’s her choice, so stop the hate! HEY MONDAY FOREVER!!!

  9. I really love her tattoos, even though I don’t think I’d ever be able to get a large tattoo myself, but come one, at least they mean something to her, it’s not like she got trashed one night and got a crap tattoo that means absolutely nothing. Besides, even if the band ended, which I can’t see happening until way in the future, so many companies don’t even care if you have tattoos anymore. I have a visible tattoo on my wrist and when I was applying for a job, the only place that had an issue with it was an upscale restaurant in town.

  10. I love the smiley face! I think its cute! I don’t think I could have it done though, knowing that its gonna be there for my whole life ;)

  11. In my opinion I loveee Cassadee’s tattoos! I mean yeah the multi-colored clouds kinda over did it but so what! They mean something to her!

  12. I love Cass. But I gotta say that yes, the clouds were a little overkill. Her tatts looked supreme originally. I loved the music staff ink and the BND banner. And the smiley is adorable! I love behind-the-thumb tattoos. But the clouds just don’t sit right with me.. Hmm..

  13. Christa is quite concise. She gets these because she enjoys the image and they most likley give her insperation to carry on wit her band. If that makes her happy, then she can tattoo her ass for all i care! :)

  14. It doesn’t really matter what people think of her tattoos. Tattoos are personal and they don’t have to have significant meaning. Sometimes people get tattoos because they like to see the imagery they have tattooed. And that’s perfectly fine. If she can look down at her arm and not regret anything, then who’s to say what she decided to do, is stupid? At least she did something more original with her birds rather than the overrated sparrows that every 18 year old gets for their first tattoos. Props to her for rocking what she likes regardless of pointless opinions.

  15. @Linda
    look. Bitch, who told u hey Monday was gonna be over? Why don’t u say that about paramore? Cuz they’re big now? I’ll have u know that they started just Like hey Monday , I suppose cuz ur obviously obsessed with Hayley Williams and ur fucking stalker fashion website

  16. i love cassadee and its her choice what tattoos she gets, they mean something to her its not like she got them for anyone else, they look good and shes also extended her tattoo again, shes put a background of clouds.

  17. these are kinda lame… I hate “cute” tattoos. If I were her I’d get something like a wing or a skull or a sword or a guitar or a Greek goddess…

  18. @marie cool. no one really cares if you hate her. have fun wasting your energy on hating someone you dont know and probably never will.

    butttt. i really like the final end product. very original. i really liked the color scheme.

  19. :) i think you guys need to grow up a little, obviosly those tatoos she got mean something really important to her and it makes her individual so if you dont like em too bad cose im sure you know it but there permenant :) i love em by the way!!

  20. her tattoos are awesome!! and tomorrow im getting a tatoo my friend designed with the words believer’s never die!! but im getting inside of my upper arm. and her smiley is cute :D all her tattoos are!

  21. you really think you get a tattoo for people to like it?
    you get something you like and no one should care if its pretty or ugly because its not for you, its not like a painting or anthing its something personal.
    and other thing, you only can comment on a tattoo if you have one or comment the drawing, and all her tats are well drawn and the colors match perfectly…
    whether are pretty or not.. that is not my thing to say

  22. OK. Firstly, tattoos have nothing to do with how professional you are. I have tattoos on my feet and arms and work for an insurance company…and for the record, my work loves me because they care more about how my job performance is than what I look like. I much prefer them over your narrowmindedness.

    Secondly, you’re going to copy Cassadee’s tattoos? Are you serious? That’s a violation. I would be furious if someone copied my tatts. Be original and come up with your own design.

  23. The first one with music notes and the bird look ok. It would look better if it was just the banner and notes thought. The BND and other bird and smiley just don’t look good at all.

  24. I love all of Cassadee’s tattoos! I like the whole mirror affect! I want all of them but on my left hand. And I am gonna replace the BND with CJT, in memory of my best friend!

  25. I actually really like Cassadee’s tattoos, even though I do think the mirror thing looks a little weird.
    She got the smiley face tattoo in honour of her grandfather, who she and her sibling(s?) called Happy when they were really young because they couldn’t pronounce “Pappy,” or something like that. All I know is that she got it because of her granddad who was referred to as happy for some point.

  26. they are really stupid tattoos, but the branch made them look a bit better. is she trying to go for sleeves?
    the smiley face is dumb.
    i heard she got a tattoo that says ‘war goddess’, too, but i’m not sure of that? i think it’s on her ribcage.

    • the “war goddess” thing is just people being stupid. it’s supposedly on her wrist, but obviously you would know if it was. this is the picture that goes around. it’s obviously not Cassadee’s arm and I have no clue why anyone would think it was.

  27. Honestly I don’t really like any of her tattoos. And I can’t believe she got a tattoo on her hand so young and with so few other tatts. Hands and faces should be the very last things you tattoo after you’ve tattooed everything else, because that is impossible to cover. When the band is over and she needs a real job, she’s going to love how seriously people take a woman with a smiley face on her hand.

  28. I like the first on (bird and music notes). The smiley was ok. Then she got the other bird one with BND and that just made it weird. That bird looks angry… She should’ve just left it.