On the inside of Dev’s elbow is a pair of unfilled daisies. She has had these tattoos for years so it seems that she likes just the outline and does not intend to have them filled it.

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Matching the “Esta Loca” tattoo is Dev’s “Menina Bonita” tattoo for her other grandmother. She says that these two are her favorite tattoos. Dev explains: “It says ‘Menina Bonita’ which means ‘beautiful girl’ in Portuguese because my Portuguese grandma used to always say that to me.” (more…)

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Dev tattooed the letters “RLSM” on the side of her right knee for the initials of her parents: Ricki and Lisa, and two sisters: Sierra and Maezee. She says “I knew I wouldn’t regret that because they’re my family.” She got this tattoo in April 2012 and at the same time got her husband (then-fiancé) James’ name on her upper thigh.

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Dev has a pair of swallows tattooed on the sides of her lower back. She has come to hate this tattoo because of the stigma against “tramp stamps” and very rarely shows it off. “They’re actually really cool. I got them because sparrow [represent] freedom and truth and cool — and now they’re like a really cool freedom tramp stamp.”

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Dev has a tattoo around her elbow of the words “Esta Loca,” which is Spanish for “she’s crazy” or “it’s crazy” (feminine form). Dev is of Mexican and Portuguese descent and honors her heritage with tattoos in both Spanish and and Portuguese for her two grandmothers. “It says ‘Esta Loca’, because my crazy Mexican grandmother used to say that to me,” Dev says.


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  1. If you call these tattoos unimaginative and trashy well then you obviously havent seen kreayshawns tattoo.. :o not hating just saying. <3 Dev :)

  2. Honestly, I find it unnecessary to a person who didn’t like a something to come here .. If you do not like something (not just a tattoo) it is better not to say anything, because besides being offended anyone, will be creating ‘fight’ for free .. it is better to keep quiet! Moreover, none of us lives with Devin or any other artist, to know the REAL reason why they did this tattoo! Not fully know his life story, then the best thing is literally BE QUIET when mainly UNNECESSARY comment! xoxo
    ps: And ignorant people, who do not understand my comment .. No reply is necessary, as little rudeness! I spoke to give a tip. After all, each person interprets as you want!

  3. hers are way better than Kreay’s, at least dev’ shave meaning…all of them have a meaning to her and that is why one should permanently mark their body, not because they were high so said f*&k it.

  4. she has a new tattoo on her inner arm now! It says Emilia Lovely the name of her daughter. I think its on her inner arm and its quite big. tight doe

  5. I see the shadows too dev, read this shit,….

    I have finally heard the song the “Women” in my life growing up have been trying to reach me with, music has finally shown me her secrets and taught me how to use it to give my love back to Lady Luck ;)

    Heres a poem for all of my “Girls’, thank you for your secrets ;) …….


    Music, my love, my passion, my calling,
    thanks for your roses, will you be my wife?—
    My deviant sips on the syrup of life,
    she picks up her boys, wherevers theres falling…

    She whispers her secrets til now and from youth,
    until you find a whiff of her knowledge, and find the real truth..

    So karma, mother nature, my inspiration, my wife
    Youve shown me my mind, and opened my eyes,
    I love all my mothers, my sisters, my “wives”
    Let me taste your mind and you taste mine ;)

    Life? Music? Babe?
    I Love You Bitch, Let Me Use Your Inks to Tattoo your Magic Art And Beauty,
    x Max o ;)

  6. i personally like the “and what” tats and the “minina bonita” and of course “esta loca” i think i would get that hehe

  7. i like the sleeve cuz its not “to much” to the point you cant even tell if her arm was ever the same color as the other. and maybe she didnt want the rose to be perfect maybe shes trying to mak a point with it. she is as beautiful as anyone else and if theses tattos make her feel more beautiful than great LET HER FEEL BEAUTIFUL! i dont under stand why people always got to judge the appearnces. its childish and high-school stuff. If you don’t like it ok. keep it to youself u have the right to have an opinion but that does NOT mean you have to share it with the whole world. serisly.

  8. I’m sorry, but this girl’s tattoos seem as deep as her songs. She’s just, ugh.
    Not as bad as ke$ha’s though.

    Here’s the part where the fangirs/boys go:
    lYk omgZ U ttly R JELUZ of Dev! I jerk off 2 her EVRY nite!!!!!!!!

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it:D

  9. Coming from someone whose heavily tattooed i can definitely say shes drop dead beautiful but her roses are not quality work the bird girl is killer work. the rest is generic flash tattoo but shes a bombshell and could have garbage on her and id still cutoff a finger for her : )

  10. I’m also going to have to agree with Zoey. Genius or not, the only tattoo worth mentioning there is the ‘naked bird girl’ one. The Diamond on her shoulder is err, childish and is probably by far the one lacking creativity most. The sleeve is alright, I’m hoping it’s unfinished though because as it is now, kind of suffocates the rose and makes it less appealing to others.

    On another note, I’d just like to point out that obviously people need to calm down with the fan rage. Zoey was only voicing her opinion, calm down ladies lol.

  11. Honestly, I agree with Zoey. For a sleeve, It’s alright, but individually the only one I like is the “naked bird girl” one.

  12. shut the fuck up zoey dumb ass you prolly dont even have a fucken tatoo dev is a genius what you cal trash i call art so get over it !

  13. Very, very generic and trashy-like tattoos – especially the diamond and rose tattoo. I’m sure it must be holding special meaning (and it would be worse if they didn’t!) but it’s in the “uh-oh tattoos” list. The “And What” tattoo is witty, I like that one. I also like the unfinished nude bird-girl!