Femininity Tattoos

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has a tattoo on her left middle finger of the Venus symbol which is the symbol for women. The tattoo symbolizes her feminist ideologies and her pride in being a woman. Her unabashed female sexuality is one of the recurring themes in her music, for instance her song “God is a woman” is about “sexual female empowerment & how women are literally everything & the universe is inside of us.”

She has supported many women’s issues, big and small, and she’s known for shutting down the pervasive sexism in how the media portrays her. She believes that women are so much more than sexual objects or conquests, that they deserve to be seen as individuals and not be defined by the men they’re dating, that they have the right to express sexuality without inviting sexual assault or being disresepected, and that women’s thoughts and opinions on real issues matter just as much as men’s.

She first got this tattoo in August 2016 but it wore down quickly and was extremely hard to see until she had it retouched in May 2018.


Paris Jackson

This red henna-like design on Paris Jackson’s upper right arm is actually a Voduo symbol. Each spirit in Haitian Voduo, called a “loa” or “lwa,” has its own “veve” which is a drawing that is traced out on floor using powder during a ritual. Paris’ tattoo is the veve image for Erzulie, who is the goddess of love. This loa’s symbols are a heart, a mirror and a fan, and all three of those images can be seen in the veve design in subtle ways. Erzulie is a personification of feminine grace and beauty and is seen as the most human-like of the loas.

Haitian Voduo and other Afro-American Voodoo religions originated from West African Vodun. As practitioners of Vodun were brought over to the Americas as slaves, their practices evolved into religions that are unique to the areas they inhabited, where the traditions of West African Vodun were blended with other local influences — including Roman Catholicism. The Haitian interpretation of Erzulie Freda takes some inspiration from the Roman Catholic devotion Our Lady of Sorrows, iconography of the Virgin Mary as a suffering mother. Erzulie has a deep sadness in her and is often pictured crying.

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Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo got a surrealist design tattooed on the center of her chest in June 2018.  Her tattoo artist Alex Chiong created the unique ocean-inspired design by superimposing multiple images on top of each other.  There are a pair of eyes inked below Malu’s breasts and a conch shell where the woman’s nose would be.  A school of fish fills in the space on the bottom while the top of the design features curved lines that represent waves and sea birds.  On top of the tattoo is a little black crescent moon, which is often a symbol for women since the menstrual cycle lines up with the lunar cycle.  The moon also controls the tides of the ocean.

Malu’s young age is always a source of controversy every time she gets a new tattoo, but this time things don’t add up.  The tattoo was done by a licensed artist at a reputable parlor in Florida, where it is only legal to tattoo a minor with parental consent if they are 16 or older — and Malu was 15.  The artist actually defended himself by posting a picture on instagram of Malu posing with police officers and wrote “Try again guys Malú is not 13 you guys are haters and her mom is here everyone and everything is fine.”  Someone watching her livestream had called the cops who showed up at the parlor but did nothing.  So either Malu has been lying about her age and she’s older than she says, or, more likely, she and her mom lied to the tattoo artist and the police and said that she was 16.


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Vanessa Martinez (Simplynessa15)

Vanessa Martinez has a space inspired tattoo on her left forearm. This ink was the forth she did and it interconnects with a triangle form filled with crystals done at the same time.
The triangle represents femininity while the space reminds her of the fascination she has for space and her younger idea of becoming an astronaut. There she has the Sun and the Moon and her favorite planet – Saturn – also three small circles at the bottom, because “3” is an important number in the Universe.

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