Sex Tattoos

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has a tattoo of the word “Pussy” on her right foot as a tribute to her lady-bits and to female empowerment.

Sexuality and power are deeply entwined for the entrepreneuring social media star, who even starred in a music video for a song called “P.O.P.” (Power of Pussy). She used her own pussy power to create a career for herself as a stripper and pin-up model and later leveraged her romantic relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian to grow her own celebrity status. She’s well aware of her status as a sex symbol but she uses it to her own advantage.

Although she could have found a more PG-rated way to get her message across, she’s not shy about expletive tattoos and also has the word “Fuck” on her ribs.

The placement of this tattoo might also a reference to the phrase “pussy-footed” which means cautious or stealthy.

When Blac Chyna got this tattoo in April 2018, she also updated an existing butterfly tattoo on the top of her foot to make it larger.


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Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s thigh tattoos are a pair of illustrations from Japanese artist Masami Yanagida which represent the complexity of relationships. On her right leg is a naked couple with their head in a lottery wheel and on her left leg is a clothed couple with their heads in a maze. Both designs show the detachment between our minds and our bodies.  Together they show that sex is a game based on luck while relationships are a challenge.  Notably, both heads in the relationship illustration are together at the end of the maze, while in the sex illustration they are apart. Though Melanie omitted the text from her tattoo, in the original artwork the clothed man has the word “tough” on his shirt to show that relationships are difficult — but worth it to complete the challenge together.

She got the outlines on both legs in December 2015 (seen in her music video for “Crybaby”) and had them colored in April 2016 (seen in the “Alphabet Boy” video).



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