Hayley Williams announced her divorce from longtime partner Chad Gilbert in July 2017, leaving her with a regrettable tattoo of his initials “CEG” across three of her fingers. She covered them up with three black squares in February 2018. The boxes mean that she no longer has to see his initials, but going for such a dark cover-up makes it much more difficult if she ever wants to have laser removal.

This tattoo is something that Hayley doesn’t want to talk about for obvious reasons. When asked about her latest tattoo in an interview, she joked “how deep do we want to go?” and then proceeded to talk about her second most recent.

The troubles in their relationship are apparent throughout the lyrics of Paramore’s 2017 album After Laughter. Writing those songs actually made Hayley realize that their marriage was beyond saving. In an essay for Nylon, she wrote:

Writing kept me alive. Forced me to be honest….It helped me realize that I shouldn’t have ever married my ex and that love is not something we can just extract from one other.


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This zig-zag line on Hayley Williams’ left wrist resembles two teeth with a gap in the middle. She got the tattoo in May 2017 to celebrate the release of Paramore’s album After Laughter.

Hayley’s gap-toothed smile became a symbol of the band during the After Laughter album cycle because their single “Fake Happy” features the lines “If I smile with my teeth / Bet you believe me /If I smile with my teeth / I think I believe me.” The song is about Hayley trying to appear happy despite her inner turmoil.

She took a particular liking to one fan’s cartoon-style drawing of the band where she appears to be faking a smile. She started spamming her instagram profile in March 2017 with various croppings of the drawing showing just her face and just her teeth. It was her way of teasing about the song, which hadn’t been released yet. Fans went went wild with the “Awkward Hayley” drawing, turning it into a meme. The band even put the two-toothed smile on their stage trunk during Tour One.


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Hayley Williams got the letters “AL” tattooed on the back of her left wrist in honor of her band Paramore’s fifth studio album After Laughter. She got the tattoo a few days after the album’s May 12, 2017 release date. Fans got their first look at the new tattoo during Paramore’s debut television performance of the album’s lead single “Hard Times” at Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 17, 2017.

All three members of Paramore have the “AL” tattoo.  Guitarist Taylor York placed his above a cluster of tattoos which he has on the inside of his upper right arm.  Drummer Zac Farro, who is the least tatted member of the band, put his in a discreet location on his upper thigh.


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Hayley Williams celebrated Valentine’s Day by getting a tattoo of her husband’s initials “CEG” for Chad Everett Gilbert. It is on her left hand with one letter on each finger. She stopped by Victory Tattoo in her hometown of Nashville, TN on February 14th 2015 and got inked by artist Mia Graffam. Hayley tweeted “Happy Valentine’s! A ring ain’t even permanent enough for this love ? Thx 2 my friend @miagraffam at #VictoryTattoo”

Chad and his band New Found Glory were on tour in Japan at the time, but a few weeks later he visited the same artist and got a tattoo on his thumb of “HW” for Hayley Williams and an X for his straight-edge (substance-free) lifestyle. “Got my thumb tattooed! Two things that changed my life for the better in one. By @miagraffam” he wrote.

The tattoos came shortly after they announced their engagement on December 25th, 2014. They have been in a relationship since early 2008 and were married on February 20, 2016.


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Hayley Williams got a tattoo on her thigh while on tour in Australia in February 2013. The inking was done by artist Aureole at Lust For Life Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia.

The tattoo is a hand holding an envelope to symbolize relationships with loved ones while on the road. Hayley explains: “To do what we love we miss the ones we love. Long distance letters and phone calls and anything to make the distance disappear! That’s what this means to me.”

It’s done in a traditional style in black and red inks and surrounded by leaves and ribbons for decoration. (more…)

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Hayley Williams' TCB lightning bolt Elvis tattoo

Hayley Williams has a tattoo on her elbow of a lightning bolt with the letters “TCB” for “Takin’ Care of Business.” This was the motto of Elvis Presley and his backing band was named the TCB band. Elvis wore a necklace with the TCB lightning bolt logo, and Hayley wears a replica necklace which says “TLC.” She writes “Finally got my TCB today. Been wearing the necklace for years… All the men in my family have TCB (taking care of business) and the women have TLC (tendler love and care). Now I’ve got both… And one of them is permanent! Think Elvis would be proud?”

The tattoo was done at Kat Von D’s shop High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood by artist Dan Smith in August 2012. (more…)

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Hayley Williams has quote on her left forearm which says “Accentuate the positive / Eliminate the negative.” It is written in capital letters in an uneven handwriting. These are lyrics from the 1944 song “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive” written by Johnny Mercer.

Hayley got this tattoo done by artist Dan Smith in March 2012. Because Paramore wasn’t touring at the time, no one saw the tattoo until Hayley shared a picture on paramore.net in May 2012. When she finally revealed the ink, she wrote “Kept this one to myself for a while. A Johnny Mercer lyric/life philosophy. Thx @dansmithism!”

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In January 2012, Hayley Williams got a large tattoo on her left side of flowers done in a brightly colored traditional style. She says that the tattoo “represents me and my 2 sisters. Each unique and yet still growing together.” Hayley is the oldest child in her family and has two younger sisters Erica and McKayla. (more…)

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The three members of Paramore – singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and bassist Jeremy Davis – all got matching tattoos in August 2011 to represent their unity as a band. Hayley and Jeremy both got it on their wrists while Taylor’s is a bit further up his arm, closer to his elbow.

Explaining the design, Hayley says “we just really wanted something simple that describes the three of us and the people around us.” The band drew a number of designs and decided on this one of a black rectangle with three white bars to represent the three band members. “It’s so simple, it really couldn’t get any more simple, but that’s the point,” Hayley explains. This logo was then used as the cover for Paramore’s Singles 7″ box set and digital release, the band’s first release a three-piece unit.

In a KROQ interview, Hayley joked that they can’t add any new members to the band because of the tattoos: “we just got tattoos that have only three white bars in them, so if we ever add any new members we’re screwed!” (more…)

Hayley Williams has a tattoo of a solid black cross tattoo on the front of her right thigh. She got this tattoo in December 2010 while guitarist Taylor York got a tattoo on his arm. Hayley’s Christian faith is a big part of her life, and she says that got this tattoo because “My faith is the only thing that never fails me.” (more…)

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Hayley Williams has a tattoo behind her left ear to commemorate her times on the Warped Tour. Paramore have played the tour in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011. Hayley got this tattoo in July 2009, shortly after Paramore played a surprise set at the Cleveland Warped Tour 2009 show. During the Cleveland show in 2007 a huge storm occurred right before Paramore’s set. The tattoo is a cloud and lightning bolt with “Warped!” written above it as a reminder of that experience.

Hayley writes that this tattoo represents “My <3 for warped tour. (minus all the horrific bands on this year). 2 years ago in Cleveland we almost died in the storm on Warped!!! and our fans stuck around and waited for us for at least an hour. We went on anyways and played one of the most fun sets of the whole tour. So memorable. Then this year, we got to surprise Warped in Cleveland. The weather was perfect. I wanted something to remind me of some of my best Warped memories. No more “tour/bro” tats for me after that one!”

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Hayley Williams has heart with patches right below and behind the razor tattoo on her right ankle. Hayley hasn’t spoken much about this tattoo other than to say that she got it while on tour with her husband’s band New Found Glory. “This is from a tour that I did,” she says, “our band wasn’t on it, but I just hung out. With New Found Glory, I mean all kinds of bands, a lot of my friends.”

It seems that a group of people on the tour – New Found Glory’s fall 2008 “Easycore” headlining tour – all got these matching tattoos together. Above the heart are the letters “HHT.” We thought for a long time that it said “HHTM,” but artist Shauncey Fury who did these tattoos cleared this up in a comment in which he wrote: “I actually did the patched heart on Hayley. I was on that tour and we all just got a hurtin’ heart. The letters are HHT for hurtin’ hearts tour. The “M” is actually just a burst behind the right side of the heart.” Another commenter explained the origins of the phrase: “‘Hurtin’ hearts’ is a term Ian from NFG would say when people were being mean or rude to each other on the tour.”

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Hayley Williams’ first two tattoos are both on the inside of her right ankle. Both tattoos were revealed on Paramore’s South American tour in October 2008, though it is not known exactly when she had them done.

Hayley got a tattoo of a pink razor with a banner that says “Shave Me” because she rarely shaves while on tour. She told Spin, “On the Warped Tour a few years ago, if I wore shorts or if I wore my pants rolled up, someone by the end of the day would have written ‘Shave me’ on my ankle. So I was like, ‘I’m going to have to get that tattooed so you guys won’t have to do it anymore.'”

The tattoo has a deeper meaning than being just a reminder to shave more — it’s a reminder of the touring lifestyle and being on the road. Hayley writes, “I have this ‘reminder’ tattoo on my leg. Sort of a tribute to my days of touring and living like one of the boys. It says ‘shave me’ in a neat little banner… but I don’t think it’s going to help this time!”

She also got a patched heart with the letters “HHT” for “Hurting Hearts Tour” after hanging out on tour with New Found Glory. (more…)

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  1. Everybody has their own opinion and the same thing goes with Hayley!
    She likes it and so, she’s having it!! Nobody has to be judgemental about it or about anyone!
    I love hayley and everything about her
    Her tattoos are a lot much more meaningful than shit that people gets inked with

    Love you Hayley
    Paramore forever ✌️ \m/

  2. I actually don’t mind any of Hayley’s tattoos. She got them all for different reasons obviously because it pleased her. Though I don’t like all of her tattoos and some were done on such a whim, it’s become less appealing to me- but why would my opinion matter so much to her? Lol Some people get tattooed to get tattooed and not all artists like that. Personally, I don’t think she’ll regret these tattoos, but she’ll definitely look in the mirror and go “Oh, yeah I forgot about that one…” or “That one was when I had that serious tattoo itch”. It happens, but I’m glad she’s confident with her look.

    • When i first saw the video “still into you” (official) i liked what hayley was wearing – it looked cool and she looked good in the short skirt with the yellow ripped up lookin tights. The tatoos i saw seemed part of her and didnt bother me …It was her and shes beautiful , nice legs too – but now i feel i might be loosing my hayley….God has blessed her with tallent and naturally good features – Id hate to see her get over-inked !

  3. I think tattoos are very disagreeable… she’s not a sailor man or a soldier to have too much of them… need to find another singer to follow….

    • I just hope you won’t stop listening to her music just because of her look…

      And well, you see, we are not in the 60’s anymore, anybody can be tattooed now. Welcome to the XXI century…

    • I love Hayley with all her tattoo because everyone of them means something for her ! It’s her choice and she doesn’t care if people will say that it’s ugly because she did those tattoes for herself and her fans who will love her with all her choices. I am a Parawhore and I will be forever, it’s like a tattoo for me, that’s why tattoo means choices that you will have forever (except with a laser but I don’t talk about it) So, it’s Hayley’s choice and I respect it, but I respect people’s hating Hayley’s tattoo too, like Hayley says on her T-shirt, I love everyone ! This is Hayley’s mentality that I adore : “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” Perdon my englih, I’m french :)

      • says the ‘Parawhore’…. love her music, but i would never call anyone a Parawhore. that’s gross.. idek if Hayley would appreciate that xD esp since the band name already has a illicit connotation.

    • you were never a true fan at all if you think tattoos are that terrible. so, you put so much time, energy and money into an artist or band and then you just leave because they have a little ink? good luck finding any artist without them. in this day and age, everyone has them, they’re part of the norm. i’m not saying you have to agree with getting them but you shouldn’t think lesser of a person just because they want to have constant reminders on their skin. our bodies may be a temple, but why not decorate the walls? we’re all blank canvases and are allowed to do with it as we please, the fact you’re willing to judge her based on how she decides to express herself says a lot about you as a person as well. everyone has a story, and if she wants to tell it in ink, than so be it. in my honest opinion, it’s better you aren’t her fan anymore, we don’t need people like you ruining things with your stingy, uptight attitude.

      • That was so amazing!! I have had a HUGE crush on Hayley since I heard of Paramore in 2006 and they have literally been my #1 favorite band since then nonstop and for someone in this century to dislike someone due to ink that isn’t doing anything to them is extremely ridiculous. Like you said, they dnt deserve to be a Paramore fan anyways

  4. Yeah I love Hayley but the tattoos are actually kind of weird. Like the shave me one? It’s pretty stupid no offence. DON’T SHOOT ME, I’m entitled to have my own opinion whether you agree with it or not. I just think the meaningful ones are relevant like the heart, the flowers of her sisters the cross the barcode and the envelope one. But I think the other ones make those really meaningful one less important. Like hey the weather’s stormy i’m gonna get a tattoo of this? Like come on seriously.

    • I would say that it is kind of the whole point. I have tattoos and they all have some pretty heavy meaning for me and because of that, I’d love to get a tattoo totally stupid and just say : “well, that was just the impulsion of the moment!” So I would say that it is kind of the same thing for her. But I am just speculating on the way I see things, it may be something completely different!

      • No offense but it refreshing to see a tattoo with some comedy behind it. I wouldn’t call that stupid. Stupid is when you tag your own name to your skin, that’s just plain retarded. I have nothing against deep tattoos but just because we struggle or cry doesn’t mean we’ve lost our funny and comical selves. I love the idea.

    • The razor is meaningful. On tour shed forget to shave her legs so Josh would always write “shave me” on her legs. She got the tattoo to remind her of friendship and good times on tour.
      The lightning bolt is another tour one- warped?

    • But the “Shave me” one *does* have some meaning. It’s a symbol of her life on tour. One day when she’s retired from music and such, she’ll always remember what life was like in Paramore.

    • It’s all about self-expression. That’s why she dyes her hair or wears clothing other people find ugly or strange. Cause she’s expressing herself.

  5. Most people get tattoos just because they look good, not because they mean anything. I think its nice that they all mean something to her. They’re all symbols for who she is, and they’re a good way of remembering the best days of her life. Plus, they must of seriously hurt, so GO HAYLEY.
    I think that the tattoo on her wrist is brilliant, the one that the other band members got. I think its really sweet they’re that close.

  6. I know that Christianity is a big part of your life, and so is mine, but in the Bible it says “Do not get any markings in your skin, or cut yourself for the dead.” I forgot what chapter or verse, but he said not to put markings in your skin. Your skin is Jesus’ skin. I’m still learning and you know more than I do so idk if you’ll read this listen to me, but just reply (if you do) and tell me what you think about this.

        • Tattoos are not a bad thing, they are a form of art only true to that person, it’s a public window into the soul of the person who has them. I don’t believe God looks at the tattoos you have or the color of your hair or what brand of jeans you have on today. He’s about heart not ink.

          • I agree tattoos are not at all bad. The scripture you just quoted is from Leviticus 19:28 But it means do not cut your bodies for the dead, so when we talk about tattoos if your doing it as worship to dead bodies then it’s wrong. Cause that’s what they use to do back in those days worshiping false idols. But other than that it says nothing in the new testament about having tattoos. =)

            • Worshiping false idols ? Catholics foolishly elevate their Popes to the idolatrous level of God’s Vicar (representative) on earth. God has no official representative upon the earth. All believers are God’s representatives (2nd Corinthians 5:20).

    • That is Old Testament…when the bail was torn all the strict laws were no longer relavent. So if u go by that tat verse…don’t eat bacon, when u r on your
      Period excommunicate yourself from your family for a week, and don’t ever braid your hair. Know your stuff before you make yourself look ignorant

      • I think it’s more of loving your neighbour as you love yourself. So who are we to judge, I’m a Christian but this doesn’t mean we’re against all gay people. As for birth control you are allowed to use birth control of course if you are married. Hayley’s opinion about birth control is evaluated any further. So we cannot judge accurately without making assumptions. =)

    • The New Testament also states that Christ dying for us means we are free from the bindings of the Old Testament law. Bam

    • Jesus had tattoos.. I am a Christian, and the bible has multiple meanings because so many people have tampered with its original context. If God didn’t believe in marking your skin, he wouldn’t have given his child the idea of tattoos. If God didn’t want his children to cut, then he shouldn’t give his children any reason to do so. Just saying.

    • I know exactly what scripture you’re talking about, and I used to say the same thing. I’m a Christian too, it’s a big part of my life. The Old Testament is a long list of rules for the ISRAELITES back then. Influenced by pagan culture, they would make human sacrifices, defile their bodes, etc. so The Old Testament is a list of rules for them, because God knew they would make huge mistakes without them. Jesus came with a NEW set of rules on how to live, so we wouldn’t have to follow all the long rules set to keep the Israelites pure in The Old Testament. As an example, you had to go through a long process to talk to God in The Old Testament, but because Jesus came, we can talk to God simply by praying.

      I hope that makes sense.

    • This is the same text that says it’s okay to sell your daughters away for marriage and take up sex slaves. It also says that you can’t eat shellfish, plant two different types of plants by each other, wear clothing with two different materials (for examples a leather jacket over a wool hoody), or get divorced. If we were to all live like what the Bible says, we’d live in a terrible world.

  7. Literally about an hour ago she got a new one. It is on the back of her arm above her elbow. It’s of a lightning bolt with the letters t,c and b above it. She has it on her twitter.

  8. I surely love all her tats, glad they all have some meaning behind it and not just randomness. The three bars tattoo is the one that strikes me the most with awe and beauty (for some reason). So, when I am able to, I shall get that also tattooed on my inner wrist as a sign to my faithfulness to PARAMORE as a band when it went from an orignal 5 (if you look at the PARAMORE IS: logo on the inside of their debut album ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING, it says that there are 3 regular and two others that isn’t familiar [surely the reason of the screaming – but yet beauitful – blend in MY HEART]) down to 4 (RIOT!) and stayed strong and bumped up to 5 (THE FINAL RIOT! – enter Taylor York) and stayed through BRAND NEW EYES with 5 and got bumped back down to 3 for the SINGLES EP and for future album(s). I love Paramore, it’s a great band no matter what happens to’em, and I can’t wait to get the tat as a loyal fan and a loyal Singles Club Member :D

  9. I actually did the patched heart on Hayley. I was on that tour and we all just got a hurtin’ heart. The letters are HHT for hurtin’ hearts tour. The “M” is actually just a burst behind the right side of the heart.

  10. i love the heart tattoo :) my ex boyfriend told me when he got older he would get a heart tattoo with my name in it….then a few days later he dumped me. ( told me to find someone better and he didnt love me anymore) :(

  11. hayley now has cherry blossom on her hip as far as i can work out look on paramore.net there is a video of her getting it done there

  12. Hi there I am so glad I found your website, I really found you by mistake, while I was looking on Aol for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say thanks a lot for a marvelous post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don

    • I think that ones cool. It’s a black box with 3 white spaces on the inside to symbolize the 3 band members. Hayley rocks <3

  13. im a HUGE fan of hayley.im 10 but tht doesnt stop meh im a 5th grader fan of a rock band and i wanna say hayley got those tattoos 4 a really good reason HAYLEY U ROK!!Paramore 4 ever

  14. her newest one is a little black heart on the outside of her left wrist. she and her friend dakotah got matching ones. if u look closely at “the last word” interview, you can see it

    • Wow!It makes me pee to see how many celebs got so many tats.

      I didnt think shed get any more i dont regret getting my tats not many people can see the the comparinsons

      of our tattoos because

      i have tattoos almost like hers and todays my neice was finally born its like she knows my sister chasity

  15. this really has nothing to do with her tatoo and its kind of personal, you might not know but what brand of pads/tampons does she use, because for school im making a magizen and im in change of the ads, so im making one for pads/tampons, and i wanted to know what brand she uses so i can include her in the ad.

  16. I like all the tats, they’re very Hayley. My friend wants a lightning bolt behind her ear and she wants me to get a gray cloud behind mine, I think that’s not happening. A tat behind your ear would hurt sooooo bad, plus clouds would make it seem like I was depressed or something.

  17. Hayley definately has tattoos. Three to be exact. I hope she gets more eventually. I admire tattoos and i admire Hayley so tattoos + Hayley = love it <3

    • You mean in that radio interview?

      Watch it again and it says it on her boxer shorts. That’s what she was showing the guy and he was like ‘I thought you were mooning me!’. Haha, funny stuff.

    • Are you sure that it was from this year? Because she definitely has tattoos. We’ve all seen them and I’ve got four legitimate quotes here of Hayley discussing them.

  18. Yeah! The Warped tattoo is amazing! I was at the Cleveland show in 2007, and it was beyond amazing. I’m so glad I stuck around for after the storm and saw them. Hayley is right, that is one day/event that I will never ever forget. So worth everyone thinking they were going to die. (:

  19. don’t like the razor tattoo… I feel like its too big and a razor isnt the best. She should have had it written in a cool font and done it smaller if you ask me. Her warped tattoo is good. That one is going to be a good memory and its small and meaningful. Just my opinions no haters please! :)

  20. i never knew hayley had tattoos. now, i love her even more xD its so cute how she tattooed ‘Shave Me’ on herself. That’s ace. and the warped one is cool.

  21. ha, i don’t know why, but i LOVE the shave me one, i knew about that one from an interview i read from this magazine my spanish teacher brought in for me.

  22. the second picture below looks like so weird.. if I didn’t know it was her ancle showing the ‘shave me’ tattoo, I’d say she has such a tattoo on her asss ;p it does look like that, right?

  23. Wait, they played at the Cleve warped 2007??? I was at that one and waited for them while it was starting to rain but they never came out to play! Then the storm broke loose and everybody ran for cover. We waited forever for everything to get set back up after the storm died down. Oh my god! You mean to tell me that they played afterward and I missed it!??! OH NO! I feel so stupid! Oh well, I did get to see them for free at the Pittsburgh warped, though! Kevin is a great guy!!

  24. see alot of people think that people get stupid tattoos!!!!!!!!! i want to get a orange heart with black wings and inside i want it to say god!!!!!!! i want it on my ankle!!!! i also want other ones but not all tattoos are stupid!!!!!

  25. Its HHTM = Hurtin’ Hearts Tour. Cant remember what the M stands for. My boyfriend has the same one because he was on that tour.

    “Hurtin’ hearts” is a term Ian from NFG would say when people were being mean or rude to each other on the tour.