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Hayley Williams has heart with patches right below and behind the razor tattoo on her right ankle. Hayley hasn’t spoken much about this tattoo other than to say that she got it while on tour with her husband’s band New Found Glory. “This is from a tour that I did,” she says, “our band wasn’t on it, but I just hung out. With New Found Glory, I mean all kinds of bands, a lot of my friends.”

It seems that a group of people on the tour – New Found Glory’s fall 2008 “Easycore” headlining tour – all got these matching tattoos together. Above the heart are the letters “HHT.” We thought for a long time that it said “HHTM,” but artist Shauncey Fury who did these tattoos cleared this up in a comment in which he wrote: “I actually did the patched heart on Hayley. I was on that tour and we all just got a hurtin’ heart. The letters are HHT for hurtin’ hearts tour. The “M” is actually just a burst behind the right side of the heart.” Another commenter explained the origins of the phrase: “‘Hurtin’ hearts’ is a term Ian from NFG would say when people were being mean or rude to each other on the tour.”

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posted by Linda on November 5, 2014

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