Elephant Tattoos

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale got a tattoo of an elephant on her right arm during a trip to Cambodia in May 2018. She and her Life Sentence co-star Elliot Knight visited the country with the charity organization Ripple Effect and got to visit children with special medical needs in addition to seeing all the beautiful ancient temples. Lucy had some crazy experiences during her trip including eating fried tarantulas that she purchased at a local street market, which she says taste like potato chips. She wrote on her instagram:

Peace out Cambodia. – Every once in a while certain experiences and people open your eyes. Grateful for the remarkable time I had & for the beautiful children we met. Being a very small part of something this extraordinary is something that will stay with me for life & I can’t wait to be back to see the kids next year. And to my new friends- I love you guys!

It doesn’t seem like Lucy got to meet any elephants during her brief trip, though Elliot continued on to Thailand after she left and had his own elephant adventure, but surely she saw lots of elephant carvings in the buildings she visited.  The Asian Elephant is now an endangered species but was prevalent through Cambodia in the past and is a common motif in the country’s art and architecture.

She got the little elephant on her elbow inked at Bayon Tattoo, which is named after the Bayon temple in Angkor Wat and is located only a few miles from the historic site.  This parlor does some of its tattoos with the traditional Cambodian bamboo technique, but Lucy opted to get hers with a modern tattoo gun. She showed pictures of the process and the result on her instagram and captioned it:

Tattoos everywhere I go ?

Other members of the tour group got their own matching elephant tattoos on various body parts.


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Annie Ilonzeh

Annie Ilonzeh has her right wrist decorated with a beautiful detailed elephant tattoo.  It continues around the inside of her wrist with a background of swirls to give the inking a bracelet look. It’s actually a cover-up of an older writing tattoo which we can’t fully decipher but it seems to start with “Never.”

Elephants have a very special place in Annie’s heart. She described them as her spirit animal and as “an incredible symbol of strength power and peace” in an instagram post. She spoke to PETA about why believes elephants shouldn’t be used for circus entertainment.

They take these animals when they’re babies, strip them from their mothers, their families, and break down their spirits…They’re super emotional creatures, and to have that calf stripped of their mom by humans and abused is the most painful thing to see.  And I feel like if the public were a lot more knowledgeable about the way that they were being trained, where it’s not on a reward system it’s on a punishment system, then circuses would not exist and they should not exist.

She has also spoken up supporting America’s bans on importing elephant tusks and ivory. “Elephants are phenomenal, remarkable, beautiful creatures and we need them around. This is their planet too,” she wrote.


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Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson got this tattoo in memory of her father, the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, who died on June 25, 2009.  The design comes from the cover of Michael Jackson’s 1991 album Dangerous, which was designed and painted by Mark Ryden. Paris’ tattoo features a menagerie of animals which are outlined in black ink, though they appear in full color on the album.  At the center of the tattoo are Michael’s eyes with a curl of hair in his face. Unlike the surrounding designs, this part of the tattoo is fully shaded in black ink.

She got the tattoo from artist Justin Lewis in May 2016 and shared a picture of the new ink on twitter with the caption “Never forget your roots. Always be proud of where you came from.” 


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Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez got a pair of tattoos on the back of her calves by artist Shon Lindauer in October 2015 featuring two characters from the 1936 Disney Silly Symphonies short film Elmer Elephant.  In the cartoon, Elmer picks flowers and brings them to Tillie Tiger for her birthday party.  The tattoo on Melanie’s right leg shows Elmer looking bashful after giving Tillie the bouquest.  Elmer is made fun of by the other animals for his long nose and tries to hide it in order to fit in, but Tillie is nice to him.  Elmer eventually saves the day by rescuing Tillie from her burning house using his nose as a hose. (more…)

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