Spirit Animal Tattoos

Annie Ilonzeh

Annie Ilonzeh has her right wrist decorated with a beautiful detailed elephant tattoo.  It continues around the inside of her wrist with a background of swirls to give the inking a bracelet look. It’s actually a cover-up of an older writing tattoo which we can’t fully decipher but it seems to start with “Never.”

Elephants have a very special place in Annie’s heart. She described them as her spirit animal and as “an incredible symbol of strength power and peace” in an instagram post. She spoke to PETA about why believes elephants shouldn’t be used for circus entertainment.

They take these animals when they’re babies, strip them from their mothers, their families, and break down their spirits…They’re super emotional creatures, and to have that calf stripped of their mom by humans and abused is the most painful thing to see.  And I feel like if the public were a lot more knowledgeable about the way that they were being trained, where it’s not on a reward system it’s on a punishment system, then circuses would not exist and they should not exist.

She has also spoken up supporting America’s bans on importing elephant tusks and ivory. “Elephants are phenomenal, remarkable, beautiful creatures and we need them around. This is their planet too,” she wrote.


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Becky G

Becky G got a dragonfly tattoo on the left side of her ribs in September 2016. The delicate but intricate inking shows artist Doctor Woo’s signature style. She loves his work but had a hard time scheduling a session with the in-demand artist. “Just waiting for an opening with the tattoo artist I’ve wanted it from forever,” she tweeted.

The dragonfly represents the spirit of her deceased cousin Ceci, who was six years older than Becky and passed away when Becky was only three. She opened up about her cousin on E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, describing how one of the hardest times in her life was when her family lost their house when she was nine. “That’s when I turned to who I consider my guardian angel til this day. I lost her when I was really young. She was around the same age. She was just always with me, still after she passed away. She was with me, I could see her and I could feel her.” She had a framed photograph of cousin Ceci on her nightstand in that house and it’s one of the only things that she kept from that bedroom.

“If you look at the frame it has dragonflies on it, and I’ve always connected her to dragonflies. Just the other day I was on stage and I was about to perform in front of like 50,000 people and there was a dragonfly circling around me. I got very overwhelmed with emotions because I was very — I was at my limit, I was exhausted, I didn’t want to continue. And the dragonfly kind of just changed everything.”


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Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms got a large tattoo on her upper left thigh of an eagle in flight from artist Robert Atkinson in October 2014.  The eagle is symbol of the ascension of Christ. She wrote on instagram: “Resurrect. New tattoo by the incredible @robertatkinson_tattoo ? I love it Robert thank you!!? Check out his tattoo shop on Ventura in Sherman Oaks! ‘Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery’ #eagle #tattoos #spiritanimal #robertatkinson #tenthousandwaves”


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Tove Lo

Tove Lo added new ink to her collection of tattoos with this huge lynx on the back of her hand. Lynxes are her favorite animal and “Lo” means “lynx” in her native language Swedish. The singer-songwriter, whose real name is Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, explains how the nickname came about in a YouTube vlog:

Basically there was a lynx in a zoo that was named Tova and I fell in love with it as a kid. So after that my family and relatives starting calling me Tove Lo. I think I kind of stuck with that name because I wanted it to be me and at the time I didn’t know anyone else who had the same. So I kept it as a writer and it then it just felt natural to keep it as a solo artist. It feels like my spirit animal just because it’s been one of my favorite animals since I was so little.

She visted artist Alex McWatt, founder of Three Kings Tattoo in New York City, while on tour with Maroon 5 in September 2016. She didn’t think too much about the specific details of the tattoo, but she wanted it on her microphone-holding hand so that it would be very visible.

Most people would stress about where and when and why to get a tattoo because it is for life. I honestly did not think about it too much. I just figured it would be so nice with the little tassels on the ears. And it’s my mic hand so I figured it would look cool. (more…)

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