Eagle Tattoos

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms got a large tattoo on her upper left thigh of an eagle in flight from artist Robert Atkinson in October 2014.  The eagle is symbol of the ascension of Christ. She wrote on instagram: “Resurrect. New tattoo by the incredible @robertatkinson_tattoo ? I love it Robert thank you!!? Check out his tattoo shop on Ventura in Sherman Oaks! ‘Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery’ #eagle #tattoos #spiritanimal #robertatkinson #tenthousandwaves”


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Cleopatra Coleman

Cleopatra Coleman wore a sleeveless dress at the The 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 17th, 2016 that allowed us to see her left shoulder tattoo. She got and eagle with spread wings tattooed shortly after moving to America. It represents strength, conviction and independence and all that lovely American stuff. The tattoo is also associated with her sun sign Scorpio.

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Niykee Heaton

Niykee Heaton has a silhouette of a flying eagle on the inside of her left wrist. It is a tribute to her older sister Rachel. “You will always be with me. #rip,” Niykee wrote on instagram.

Rachel was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer when she was only 3 and half years old. She had multiple liver and kidney transplants over the course of her life and died at the age of 21 while awaiting new organs. Niykee has encouraged her fans to become organ donors in order to prevent more deaths like this one.

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