America Tattoos

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho has portraits of presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on her knees. In an interview with Today, she joked “well I wanted to be in a one-man band, that’s my idea. So I was going to put knee cymbals so I could bang their heads together. I just thought that it would be good to keep the beat and stay patriotic.”

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Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler has a tattoo of stars on her left forearm just below the elbow. The stars represent the USO, or United Service Organizations Inc., which provides entertainment to American troops. Kellie has played shows through the USO for American soldiers serving abroad all over the world. The three stars are meant to represent each of her USO tours, but the tattoo hasn’t kept up with her service as she’s now done five tours! She says “I have stars on my left arm for my USO tours, but I’m missing two.”

The military is very special to Kellie, who comes from a military family. She even took a wounded soldier as her date to the CMT Awards instead of her husband. She told Maxim “I come from a military family. My grandfather is a retired Marine, and I’ve always had a great deal of respect for anyone who serves our country. It really does take someone special to sacrifice everything. I don’t mean just their lives, either. There are men who are sacrificing the chance to hold their newborn baby!”

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