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Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes had a tattoo on her left arm of a varsity-style number 80 and an eagle. The eagle represents freedom and 80 was her boyfriend NFL player Andre Rison’s number on the Atlanta Falcons.

Celebrity: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes




posted by Linda on November 9, 2014

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  1. Hi Mz. Linda! So, uh… Since we DO have both an Eagles & Falcons 🏈 teams … It would be appreciated, by no less than myself, ya know?! … If you wouldn’t mind (&//or if you even can, that is) editing ur OP to reflect facts; as he indeed wasn’t* [an] (& has yet to be w/) Eagles.

    *When she got her tattoo; since it was in loyalty to his claim of having his own for her

    Thank you, regardless, Miss Linda
    Thank YOU! ☺️