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In August 2018, Noah Cyrus got matching lip tattoos with her friend Lucas Machado, who is a model. The chose the word “Reh” which is something that they like to say to each other. It seems to be their version of “rawr.”

The tattoos were an impulsive decision. They were hanging out with another model Caleb Cechota, who had just gotten a scorpion on his arm earlier that day, when they decided to get some ink of their own. “Lucas and I just decided we’re going to get tatted,” Noah said on her instagram story while laughing. “Oh my god, this is my life, all the time — more tattoos!” She had over 20 tattoos already but this was the first for him.

a constant mood: reh. @luuucasmachado

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twins. reh @noahcyrus

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posted by Linda on August 8, 2018

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