Crow Tattoos

Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre got the raven tattoo on her leg as part of the TLC TV show America’s Worst Tattoos. It covers up an unfinished zombie tattoo that she hated. She worked collaboratively with artist Tim Pangburn to come up with the new design.

“I like dark creepy things,” she told TLC. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and ravens remind me of Halloween. So it was a pretty good fit for me. I was very excited about. I love it so much better than the weird creepy alien zombie that used to be on my leg.”

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Ash Costello

Ash Costello has a dark black crow with accents of purple and blue that spans the inside of her right arm. There is a quote in a banner: “It says ‘Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt,’ which is from one of my favorite books of all time, Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut,” Ash says.  Artist Baba Austin started work on the design in February 2011 and completed it in May 2011.

“Before this one I would have said that tattoos don’t hurt, I really like the feeling, but this one hurt so bad. I don’t know if I’m like turning into a pansy. A good friend of mine Baba came up to me and offered me a free tattoo for Warped Tour. It’s like the biggest thing ever. I know this doesn’t make sense but I didn’t realize it was so big when he free-handed it, and then he started going and I was like ‘oh wow, I just ended up with half a sleeve and I don’t even know how.'”


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