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Maddi Bragg

Maddi Bragg has a the word “honey” tattooed on her left upper arm, a few inches above her elbow.
In a video (“I GOT A TATTOO, NEW PUPPY, PINK HAIR! | Q&A | Maddi Bragg”) she posted on Youtube on October 31, 2016 Maddie explained she got this tattoo for her father who passed away about seven years ago. Her father used to call her “honey”.

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Niykee Heaton

Niykee Heaton got a red ink tattoo in the memory of her sister who passed away after a long cancer fight.
“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. the rulers sneered at Him saying, “if thou be the king, save thyself”
I’ve had to forgive those who have caused me great agony & knowing that no one else could have possibly saved me, I have saved myself. I have prevailed… against all odds. These words, are for you, my angel… placed in the same spot your scars marred your belly… the transplants that scarred your precious, little body. I couldn’t save you, but I saved myself… #rip”, she captioned her tattoo Instagram post.

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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got this tattoo of Africa on the inside of her right elbow to commemorate a trip that she went on to Kenya.

She takes her sobriety seriously, but also wanted to do something big for her twenty-first birthday.  Rather than throwing a party she went on a volunteer trip to the Maasai Mara Region of Kenya with the charity WE (formerly known as Free The Children) and helped to build a school. “Birthdays are all about celebrating life and people are very blessed to even make it to 21. So the last thing I think anyone should be doing on their birthday is poisoning themselves,” she said“I am just going to do a bunch of charity stuff and I feel like the best way to celebrate anyone’s birthday is just giving back and helping others.”

Not only did Demi’s trip help the local community, but she got a lot out of the experience herself. She tweeted “This trip has been such an amazing experience. Yesterday was the best birthday of my entire life!!!” The August 2013 trip was so impactful that she decided to create a permanent reminder with this tattoo, revealed in December 2013. She chose the shape of the the continent of Africa rather than the country of Kenya so that it would be more recognizable.

“I went [to Africa] for my 21st birthday. I went to Kenya and it was just a very, very inspirational journey that I feel like really had a huge impact on my life,” she told iHeartRadio. “And, I would’ve gotten Kenya but then people would have been like, ‘What’s that?’ So Africa’s a little more distinct.”


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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has the phonetic pronunciation of “sanity” inked on her right hip.  It is written as \‘sa-nə-tē\ using the Merriam-Webster dictionary respelling system.  The tattoo is a reminder to stay sane despite the crazy world that she lives in.  She told V Magazine:

“There was a time when I got [that tattoo] that I felt a little bit like I was going insane.  Or, I was going to.”

“I thought about it for a while. I just like the word ‘Sanity’—just stay sane through it all.  A lot of young stars who grow up in the spotlight have a really hard time. I didn’t want that to be me.”

The red ink tattoo was done in November 2015. “I needed it at the time,” she says.  At that time her overly plump lips were the punchline of many jokes (she more recently told Allure “I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point”) and she had finally come clean about the fact that she’d gotten injections.  She was also starting to speak out about the bullying that she faced in order to help her fans, along with sharing other people’s stories through her anti-bullying Instagram campaign #IAmMoreThan.  Growing up with constant criticism left Kylie struggling to discover her true sense of self.  She told Interview Magazine:

“Ever since I was 9, since the show started, there’s been so much bullying towards me.  Like, every single day I see something negative about me.  And it’s just completely torn me apart. I feel like I’ve lost so many amazing traits because I’ve listened to stupid people, ignorant people who are bullies.”

“I always just try to stay sane and not read comments.  It’s hard though.  You get interested.”

As for why she chose the dictionary-style \‘sa-nə-tē\” rather than simply writing the word, no one really knows.  Her tattoo artist Bang Bang explains “It’s a really easy tattoo to misinterpret, so I think that she wants to explain it on her own terms.”  Kylie got connected with the artist through her then-boyfriend Tyga, who knew one of Bang Bang’s repeat clients Chris Brown.  She and Bang Bang hit it off and she even tattooed her initial “K” with a crown on his leg. “We clicked right away. She had a really clear idea of what she wanted to get, so I got straight to work,” he says.  Kylie posted videos on her Snapchat of their tattoo session but waited a while before revealing what tattoo she got for herself.

She later updated this tattoo by added the word “before” in front of it.