Map Tattoos

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni tattooed a map of the world on her right wrist to symbolize her love of travel and show that the world has no limits. She wrote that the tattoo

“totally represents my life at the moment: always traveling, and I still have so much to see and explore.”

She got her tattoo from Dr Woo at Shamrock Social Club in April 2013.  During the British Fashion Awards in December 2014, she met pop singer Lily Allen and realized that they both have the same tattoo from the same artist.


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NikkieTutorials has a tattoo by Evan Kim of a world map on her right forearm.

“7 years ago I started this journey as an insecure girl who felt like she wasn’t good enough for the world. I could never truly be myself. Until you showed me that it’s okay to be me. That you love me for who I am and never judge me. There isn’t a day where I take it all for granted. Because of you I have the ability to travel the world, and experience freedom. But it isn’t just that.. you let me be my true sparkly self, and I feel your love, warmth and support all over the world. Because of you I feel confident and loved. And that to me is total freedom. I love you! ?”

– Nikkie said on her Instagram about her tattoo.


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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got this tattoo of Africa on the inside of her right elbow to commemorate a trip that she went on to Kenya.

She takes her sobriety seriously, but also wanted to do something big for her twenty-first birthday.  Rather than throwing a party she went on a volunteer trip to the Maasai Mara Region of Kenya with the charity WE (formerly known as Free The Children) and helped to build a school. “Birthdays are all about celebrating life and people are very blessed to even make it to 21. So the last thing I think anyone should be doing on their birthday is poisoning themselves,” she said“I am just going to do a bunch of charity stuff and I feel like the best way to celebrate anyone’s birthday is just giving back and helping others.”

Not only did Demi’s trip help the local community, but she got a lot out of the experience herself. She tweeted “This trip has been such an amazing experience. Yesterday was the best birthday of my entire life!!!” The August 2013 trip was so impactful that she decided to create a permanent reminder with this tattoo, revealed in December 2013. She chose the shape of the the continent of Africa rather than the country of Kenya so that it would be more recognizable.

“I went [to Africa] for my 21st birthday. I went to Kenya and it was just a very, very inspirational journey that I feel like really had a huge impact on my life,” she told iHeartRadio. “And, I would’ve gotten Kenya but then people would have been like, ‘What’s that?’ So Africa’s a little more distinct.”


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