Daughter Tattoos

Monica Brown

When Monica gave birth to her first daughter in September 2013, she already had a few tattoos for her two sons. She got this portrait of her daughter Laiyah Shannon Brown on her right bicep in January 2017, when Laiyah was three years old, forever immortalizing her toddler photo. The realistic image was inked by artist Luke Dyson at The Lab Tattoo in Miami.

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Lily Cole

Lily Cole paid tribute to her two-year-old daughter Wylde by getting artistic ink from artist Stanislava Pinchuk in August 2018. She intended to get one tattoo, but the artist instead created for her a collection of five tattoos on her left hand which represent each letter of Wylde’s name in an interpretive way. The supermodel showed off the tattoos on her instagram and wrote:

“Today I went to Paris to get 1 tattoo from the talented @m_i_s_o_ … then I ended up getting 5. Fun day. Check out her work: an artist and activist I admire”

Artist Stanislava Pinchuk works in a very non-traditional way. She only accepts payment in the form of trades — Lily gave her photographs and a book. Her home-made tattoos are created specifically for each client.“Every one is different, just a lot of consideration & talking” she wrote.

The five tattoos that she created for Lily Cole are scattered throughout her fingers, hand and wrist. The letters of the name “WYLDE” aren’t in any readable order. It’s the sort of tattoo that’s meant more for artistic expression and internal reflection rather than to convey a message to anyone else.

The shape on Lily’s middle finger, which looks like V:, is a letter “W” with two of the lines missing. The “Y” is drawn in a curvy fashion on the side of her hand. “L” is represented by a straight line on the outside of her index finger. The arc on her wrist is for the letter “D” and the three lines on her thumb give the vague impression of an “E.”


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Jasmine Villegas

Jasmine Villegas and her former fiancé Ronnie Banks celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2018 by getting matching tattoos of their daughter’s name “Ameera Reign.” The date is also significant because Ameera’s first birthday was only a few days later on February 19th.

Ronnie and Jasmine have a YouTube channel called BANKS Family where they have shared the ups and downs of their relationship as well as posting funny pranks and reaction videos. Naturally they filmed their whole tattoo experience.

Jasmine has much bigger tattoos than this, so we’re surprised that she seemed so scared!  “It’s such a small thing but I’m terrified,” she revealed.  Despite her fears, she was also excited. “This tattoo is probably the only tattoo that’s ever going to mean anything to me because it’s my daughter’s name. So I can’t wait.”  She used numbing cream to dull the pain and persevered.

She got the collarbone inking from artist Kim at Inkies Tattoo Studio in Fremont, CA. Ronnie wished he could put his tattoo on the left side of his chest like Jasmine’s, be he opted to place it on the opposite side instead because he had more open space between his many other inkings.

A few months after getting the tattoos Jasmine and Ronnie announced that they are taking a break after four years together.  But of course they are still dedicated to co-parenting Ameera.


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Snooki - Nicole Polizzi

Snooki has an infinity symbol tattoo on her right upper arm representing the love between a mother and her child. It’s a tribute to her two children — son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle and daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle.

“I literally didn’t even design this, I just walked into a tattoo place and I was like ‘I want something that resembles me as a mom.’ And I was drunk, and it just happened, and I still love it. It’s like a mom symbol….I would like to make this more detailed, but I still love it.”


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