In June 2010, Alexia Rodriguez got this Bride Of Frankenstein tattoo with a purple face and blue and yellow hair on the inside of her arm. It is a companion to her existing Frankenstein tattoo. You can watch a video of her getting the tattoo done here. This tattoo was done at Hart and Huntington Tattoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. They write:

Guitarist and lead Vocalist Alexia Rodriguez had a Frankenstein piece that was a little lonely on her upper shoulder so we had to sit her down with artist Jime Litwalk and give big Frank a little punk rock bride. Leave it up to Jime to take and transform a simple idea into an original piece of your own by adding his own twist and sick style. Alexia sat for 3 hours in the back VIP room and knocked out the whole tat from outline to final wipe in a nonchalant fashion. Well, maybe there was a little help from the Hard Rock Bar in there somewhere…

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    • As of 3/25/2024 a source close to Alexia Rodriguez has confirmed that she has no names of anyone tattooed on her. TMZ has reported that she may have plans to get her current boyfriends name, or at least a symbolic representation of the state in which he resides (California).